Top 10 Red Logos


Happy Valentines Day. In typical fashion I decided to match logo colors to the color of the holiday. In this case red.

My selections are based on logos with the primary color red. I tried to include a variety of team including ones you may not think of.


10.Boston Red Socks.

9. Cincinnati Reds.

8.Chattanooga Lookouts.

7.Kannapolis Intimidators.

6.Calgary Flames.

5.Washington Wild Things.

4.Florida Fire Frogs.

3.Chicago Bulls.

2.Marist Red Foxes.

1.Cal State Northridge Matadors.


PBA 2018 TOC


As we say on Hammer down, Sundays are for the bowlers. That was the case on February 11,2018. That’s when the PBA held the stepladder finals of the 53rd Tournament of champions.

The Toc as it is called has delivered no shortage of memories and this tournament was no exception.


The opening match might have been the most uneventful. BJ Moore, the fourth seed did battle with fifth seed Matt O’Grady. O’ Grady cruised to victory after Moore suffered several tough breaks, wining 219-174.
This gave O’Grady a match up with Jason Belmonte, who was looking for his tenth major title. The match came down to the wire as O’Grady failed to shutout Belmonte. Belmonte only needed a double and five pins to steal the win.


His first shot in the tenth went flush for a strike, but the second ball came up just short leaving a ten pin after a messenger pin failed to knock it over and giving the four-pin win to O’Grady.

That set up the semi-finals against Andrew Anderson , newcomer to the tour. This match played similar to the prior one and once again O’Grady walked away with the win by a 194-185 margin.

Waiting in the top position was Jesper Sevensson. Sevensson looked to be the favorite due to his performance in the tournament. However, he never got a good luck and the match remained very close between the tournament leader and last stepladder qualifier.
O’Grady sealed the championship with a late strike and took home the title with a 207-193 decision.


Overall, I really enjoyed the telecast. For one who hasn’t really watched the PBA with any consistency the past few years it was good to watch again. With three of the four matches going down the tenth frame it was exciting to watch.

Granted I wasn’t pulling for O’Grady to win. I just don’t know much about him as a now more casual fan. I would have liked to see Belmonte take it, or local/hometown player Moore win.

Take a look at the PBA’s next few events if you get the chance. They are celebrating an anniversary and it would be nice to support that.

Chief Wahoo Two


During the Cleveland Indians run to the world series the chief wahoo controversy came up.


I was on the side of the coin that wanted to see the logo removed.

The time has finally come. Recently it was announced that after 2018 Chief Wahoo will no longer see time on uniforms.



I fully agree with this. Though sources say this may only come because of intense pressure from MLB, or the fact that the Indians will host the 2019 all-star game.
Either way its good to see the logo go. Put the uniform drama away and focus on the on the field product.

Would be interesting to see what replaces it, if anything. I think the red C should be sufficient though if not a bit boring.

Should be interesting to see if this triggers another wave of logo changes. I don’t see that being the case ,but it may happen.



Super Bowl Picks


All right this is it. The final game of the NFL season ,the Super Bowl. This is the last game I have to pick a winner for. The matchup is the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. This is after I went 2-0 picking the conference championship games. For the playoff round of pick them I sit at 6-4.

So as much as it pains me too, I’m taking New England. I really don’t think Philadelphia is  going to pull out anything to stop them, sand getting super lucky.

I’m taking New England by a 31-14 score.



Seattle in The NHL


Seattle looks to be the next entrant in the NHL. As much they have announced a short list of 13 potential names from the squad. However, this is pending the NHL grants them a franchise.

The names include both a mix of local and historical with a couple zany ones thrown in.
Cougars, Eagles. Sea Lions, Whales, Seals are the run of the mill offerings that aren’t great ideas.

Emeralds, Evergreens, Firebirds and Totems are the second tier of quality names higher than the first set.

Sockeyes, Rainiers, Renegades and Krakens are the final and best tier.



Though I must admit my favorite is the novelty Krakens. The one fan named jersey included in the article looks really cool. One could only imagine what they could do with a professional logo designer.

Though if the local flare is what you look for take the Rainer’s name, or even emeralds.
For now, though it’s just fun speculation until the team formally gets announced.




2018 NFL Conference Champ Pics


Wow what a weekend. With two of the divisional round games going down to the wire and featuring quite the comeback and  another come back fall short,it was definitely  an exciting weekend for the NFL.

Unfortunately, both of these  happenings led me to taking losses in my picks for the week.  Finishing once again 2-2 for the week, making me 4-4 in the playoffs.

Here are my picks for the team that will match up in the Super Bowl.

Vikings @ Eagles

Jaguars @ Patriots

Yep, being boring and going with the two one seeds.

Pittsburgh Pirates Trades Cole/McCutchen


After not doing too much, so far in the off-season, the Pittsburgh Pirates have made two deals in the past couple of days. These are headline level deals.

The first involves Gerrit Cole, heading to Houston for four players.

The first player and you could say headliner of this deal is Colin Moran. Moran plays both third and first base, but is looked to be inserted in the former. He ranks as the fourth best prospect in the Pirates system at the moment. He split this season at triple a and the majors. During his 11 games in the majors he hit .364 with a homer and three rbi. Moran was also named a midseason triple a all-star after hitting .308 with 18 home runs this season.


Moran should get the nod to start at third base, especially with the uncertainty of Jung Ho Kang. Granted he is unproven, but looks to have a strong upside as a former first round pick.


Two arms came to the Pirates in Joe Musgrove and Michael Feliz.


Musgrove is a potential starter for the Buccos. In the major leagues he sports an 11-12 record and 4.52 era and was used primarily in the bullpen. However, he is another first round pick and a former top 100 prospect.


He won’t replace Cole, at least not this year, but could be a future arm to watch.


Feliz is a bullpen arm with numbers that don’t look good. He has a 5.13 era for 98 games in the majors. Yet he strikes out a lot of hitters. Feliz punched out 70 in 48 innings this year and 95 in 65 innings in 2016. The Pirates like him as a potential late-inning arm.

I could see this kid being a potential steal, maybe the next setup man, or closer for the Pirates. I like the upside if he can turn it around. His fast ball averaged 96 mph, so he could be a power arm for the Bucs in the future.


The final piece in the trade is outfielder Jason Martin. Martin becomes the Pirates 18th ranked prospect. He saw time at advanced a and double a last season, where he hit .278 with 18 home runs and stole 16 bases.

This is a good additional piece to the trade. He has some upside, but if it doesn’t pan out he wasn’t the center piece of it anyway.


Now Houston gets the Pirates number one starter in Cole. Cole is a good pitcher and at time dominant. He just isn’t an ace. This Season he went 12-12 with a 4.26 era. Cole allowed a career-high 31 home runs in 2017.

However, he was 59-42 with a 3.50 era while making 127 starts in five seasons in Pittsburgh. Houston gets an established veteran starter at the cost of a few talented, yet unproven youngsters.

This is a good deal for both teams at least on paper and should be interesting to watch.


Andrew McCutchen was the second big name sent packing as he was traded to San Francisco. The package the Giants are sending includes bonus money, outfield prospect Bryan Reynolds and pitcher Kyle Crick.


Reynolds was the Giants number four prospect at the time of the deal. He played at three levels of a ball this year with a .312 with 16 homers and 43 rbi stat line. He plays a bit of every outfield position. He also participated in the futures game this year.

I think this is a decent pick up. He is still a couple years away, but should make for an interesting prospect to watch.


Crick is another pitcher that saw time at triple a and in the majors this season. He was used in the bullpen where he put up a 2.76 era prior to his promotion. In the majors he had a 3.06 era with 28 strikeouts in 32 and one-third innings.

He is a former top prospect, but sits as number 16 in the current rankings. He could be another quality arm ready sooner rather than later for Pittsburgh.


McCutchen departs after hitting .279 with 28 homers and 11 steels last season. He was an anchor in the Pirates lineup and an MVP contender. He was the face of the franchise and a big part in getting the Pirates back to the playoffs.

He will be missed. However, I think if you want to respect McCutchen you let him play where he is wanted. He just isn’t at the level he once was and his fan support seemed to dwindle. This move lets him play for a contending team and Pittsburgh gets a couple players for the future.
Disappointing move yes, needed a second yes.
Overall, I think the moves look ok on paper and give me hope for the future, they just have to pan out.

Thank you, Cole, and McCutchen though for some great memories and good luck with your new teams.