Pick Them week 11

S. Samek

10-3 for week 10.  91-52 overall.

Week 11

Titans @ Steelers

Lions @ Bears

Jaguars @ Browns

Ravens @ Packers

Cardinals @ Texans

Buccaneers @ Dolphins

Rams @ Vikings

Chiefs @ Giants

Redskins @Saints

Bills @ Chargers

Bengals @ Broncos

Patriots @ Raiders
Eagles @ Cowboys

Falcons @ Seahawks.






Sports Collections

Throwback to some of the coolest sports merchandise.


When I was a kid not only did I watch sports, I would collect them. Yes, I collected the standard baseball cards, but a couple other things too.

The first of which are the baseball helmets from Dairy queen. The ones that you could get when you ordered a sundae. It even had a display with each of the divisions, so you could keep the standings.

I have eight of them including a Montreal Expos one. They are still available, but maybe a bit forgotten about.

No doubt one of the most popular stadium giveaways of all time is the bobble head. A while back Post brand cereals took advantage of this by offering mini bobble heads of current MLB stars.

I remember always begging for the Oreo o’s or the like just so I could collect them. Even though most often the cereal became neglected after two, or three bowls and was left to become stale. Didn’t matter to me, I collected seven MLB stars, with a couple of them becoming hall of famers.

The final novelty I remember collecting is the mini team mugs. One could be had for .50 out of the toy machines at Walmart, or the grocery store. Yet again I ended up with seven from both the NFL and MLB.

They have come in handy too. I keep them on my baseball bat shaped shelf with a lot of my collectables and trophies. Actually, all the collectables mentioned in this post make their home on that shelf. Then I take my collection of baseballs and sit them on top of the mugs. Making for a pretty neat holder.

Note I didn’t and don’t collect these for the value. They aren’t worth much even several years after release. It was just a fun way to have merchandise from different teams.




PBA US Open Predict.


Tonight, five men lace up the shoes and roll the bags into the alley. This time for a major championship, The United States Open.



The opening match of the step ladder is five seed Norm Duke and fourth seed Graham Fach. Duke is looking to secure his third U.S Open win and major win number eight in addition to title number 39 for his career. Fach has one once on tour, but it was the 2016 Barbasol PBA players championship, a major title.

The winner gets three seed Wes Malott. Malot is a 10-time winner, including winning this event before. He looks to become the 12th multi-winner of this event all time.
Sitting in the two seed is Rhino Page. Page used a win over Fach in the position round to jump into second position. He is looking for his first major title and sixth overall.

The top competitor for the Tournament is Jakob Butturff. He led qualifying with 13,101 total pins after match play bonus were included after 56 games. This was 617 pins better than Page. He is looking for his first major title win as well.
The step ladder looks wide open. While Duke, Malott and Page haven’t been as competitive as they used to be they are major threats. Duke and Malott both know what it is like to win majors, especially the U.S Open. It should be a confidence builder. Fach does have a major to build on as well.

Page and Butturff are both going to come out hungry for that first major title. Though hopefully they can control the excitement and not make mistakes that would cost them. I could see this being a problem with Butturff, as he is a younger player with no major title wins. Though he isn’t a total stranger to TV with two standard titles won.

I would say that Butturff is coming in hot though. He easily led this tournament by a large margin. He only has to win one match to take it all. Should inspire some confidence in him.

I think he takes it all. He faces off against Norm Duke in the finals and beats him is my prediction.

See it tonight at 7:30.



Top 10 Halloween Logos



No stranger to taking a look at different logos. This particular one inspiring this post. In the spirit of the Halloween season I’m taking a look into some of the best scary and creepy logos in sports.


10. San Francisco Demons.


9. Missouri Monsters.


8.New Jersey Devils.


7. Louisville Bats.


6. Topeka Tarantulas.


5. Texas Terror.


4. New Orleans Voodoo.


3. London Rippers.


2. Lehigh Valley Phantoms.


1. Casper Ghosts.




Top 10 Orange Logos


For St. Patrick’s Day I took a look at some of the best green colored logos in sports.  So, I took a little inspiration and for Halloween taking a look at the best logos in the primary color for the holiday, Orange.


10. San Francisco Giants.


9. Chicago Bears.


8. Baltimore Orioles.


7. New York Knicks.


6. Cleveland Browns.


5.Long Island Ducks.


4.Cincinati Bengals.


3. Rochester Rattlers.


2. Syracuse Orange.


1.Atlanta Thrashers.