Week 15 2018 NFL Pick Them

Chargers at Chiefs

Texans at Jets

Browns at Broncos

Packers at Bears

Lions at Bills

Buccaneers at Ravens

Cardinals at Falcons

Raiders at Bengals

Titans at Giants

Dolphins at Vikings

Redskins at Jaguars

Cowboys at Colts

Seahawks at 49ers

Patriots at Steelers

Eagles at Rams

Saints at Panthers


2018 College Football Bowl Predictions

Tulane Vs ULL

North Texas vs. Utah State

Arizona State vs. Fresno State

Georgia Southern vs. Eastern Michigan

Middle Tennessee vs. Appalachian State

UAB vs. Northern Illinois

San Diego State vs. Ohio

Marshall vs. South Florida

Florida Intl vs. Toledo

Western Michigan vs. BYU

Memphis vs. Wake Forest

Houston vs. Army

Buffalo vs. Troy

Hawai’i vs. Louisiana Tech

Boston College vs. #25 Boise State

Minnesota vs. Georgia Tech

California vs. TCU

Temple vs. Duke

Miami vs. Wisconsin

Baylor vs. Vanderbilt

Purdue vs. Auburn

#16 West Virginia vs. #20 Syracuse

#24 Iowa State vs.#13 Washington State

#10 Florida vs. #7 Michigan

South Carolina vs. Virginia

Arkansas State vs. Nevada

#3 Notre Dame vs. #2 Clemson

#4 Oklahoma vs. #1 Alabama

Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

Stanford vs. Pittsburgh

Michigan State vs. Oregon

#23 Missouri vs. Oklahoma State

#22 Northwestern vs. #17 Utah

NC State vs. #19 Texas A&M

#18 Mississippi State vs. Iowa

#11 LSU vs. #8 UCF

#14 Kentucky vs.#12 Penn State

#9 Washington vs.#6 Ohio State

#15 Texas vs. #5 Georgia

College Football Playoffs 2018

S. Samek

So the biggest thing to come out of college football this week was the announcement of the four teams in the playoffs.

Those four teams are Alabama, Clemson. Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

Alabama one hundred percent deserves a spot. The have the undefeated record. They beat Georgia  in the Sec title game. They play in a power conference and went 4-0 against top 25 teams.

Clemson is the same way. They dominated the ACC championship game. They went undefeated in a power five conference. They have a pair of wins against the top 25. They more than earn their spot.

Notre Dame went undefeated. They won four games out of four against the top 25. Yet they didn’t win a conference title. I don’t think that matters though. They played a good schedule and should be able to play for the title.

Oklahoma has a strong case to get in. The went  12-1 with the lone loss to Texas. Then in the Big-10 championship game the got revenge on Texas to win. They went 4-1 against Ap top 25 and 3-1 against USA top 25.

Kyler Murrary is a standout that leads a high powered sooner’s offensive attack. This team is exciting to watch.

Ohio State just missed getting in. They went 12-1 won the Big Ten tittle game and collected three wins against three ranked opponents.  Yet I think why Oklahoma got in over Ohio State is quality of the loss. 

A three point loss to a ranked Texas team doesn’t hurt as much of  29 point defeat to Perdue on the road. Hence why Oklahoma gets in over Ohio State.

Georgia had a chance to get in if they win the SEC title game. Yet by losing to Alabama they were left with two losses. Granted both of their losses come from top 25 teams in Alabama and LSU. Its quantity over quality of losses here for the Bulldogs as they sit out the playoffs.

Any other Higher ranked team, such as Washington, Washington State, Michigan,LSU or Florida pretty much lose out for being beaten to many times and missing conference championships.

Then we have UCF. 12-0 and American conference champion.  They are 1-0 against teams in the top 25. So why are they left out in favor of Oklahoma?

Simple strength  of schedule. They played one ranked team and play in a non-power five conference.   The undefeated record is good,but not as impressive as the teams in. Clemson played double the ranked teams UCF did. Notre Dame and  Georgia played four, while  Oklahoma played four ,or five depending on what pool you use. Making it really hard to justify putting UCF into the playoffs.

I think as safe as the playoffs selections were I think its a fair bracket. The teams selected  all seem to be in for a good reason, while the teams out have flaws that kept them out.

2018 NFL Week 14 picks

Jaguars at Titans

Jets at Bills

Giants at Redskins

Saints at Buccaneers

Patriots at Dolphins

Ravens at Chiefs

Colts at Texans 

 Falcons at Packers 

 Panthers at Browns 

 Broncos at 49ers 

 Bengals at Chargers 

Lions at Cardinals 

Steelers at Raiders

Eagles at Cowboys 

Rams at Bears 

Vikings at Seahawks


S. Samek

An announcement was finally made. The EULCS, that has been covered on the blog is no more.

Now we have the LEC, or League of Legends European Championships. A fine name nothing to complain about there.

The LEC is comprised of 10 teams. Six of the 10 were involved in 2018’s LCS in the likes of G2, Team Vitality. Splyce, Misfits, Schalke and Fnatic.

Joining the roster is Rogue, Excel Esports, Origen and SK gaming.

Giants, Roccat, H2K and Unicorns of Love will not be joining the new league.

The funny thing is that all six teams that got in made the playoffs during the summer split, while the four team that didn’t finished in seventh through 10th place and missed the playoffs.

I think the surprise team that didn’t get in to the LEC was Unicorns of Love. A fan favorite team, even with little success this season. Yet the team had success during the 2017 EULCS season, yet missed out on worlds finishing third in the regional qualifier.

SK returns after losing their spot in relegation during spring promotions 2016. Origen faced a similar fate when they lost a spot with a loss in the 2017 promotion tournament. However, Origen did win the 2018 EU Masters spring tournament, but it was with a different line up than they have now.

Excel looks to come up from the challenger scene, while Rogue is completely new venture. It makes for an interesting mix of teams entering the league.

Should also be interesting to see how the new rosters shake down during the free agent period. Either way the coverage of the now LECwill continue in place of the EU LCS. Can’t wait for spring 2019.

2018 NALCS Scouting grounds

S. Samek

Last week we had the League of League of Legends 2018 NALCS Scouting grounds. This is an even where solo que players from around the North American server and show off their talent to professional teams. They also have a chance to be coached and gain some insight  as too what the LCS is like.

There is a focus on team play as well as individual achievement. There are four teams named Infernal, Moutain, Cloud and Ocean after the drakes in the game. They scrimmage during the week and the then play in either the 3rd place or championship match.

I cought the finals match between Infernal and  Moutain. 

Game one was all mountain in the early going. Yet a couple of barons let to Infernal stealing a win.  MistyStumpey led the way for Infernal with a 9/2/7 Viktor performance while  jungler Fragas went 6/3/10 with Xin Zhao for Moutain.

Moutain would strike back taking game two in a game with 42 combined kills. Prismal had nine kills to pace Moutain in game two while Tactical had eight kills for the best mark on Infernal.

Game three was a clean win for Moutain with a Prismal once again leading the kill count with seven more, while Infernal saw  a four kill performance from Tactical. Moutain became the winners of the event with the victory.

This year instead of a draft of players they announced the top five players as top prospects. 

Strompest,Fragas,MistyStumpey, Tactical and Fakegod took home the top prospect awards for their performance.

Yet I think theres a chance that the top five prospects could find a home with an NA LCS team.

100 Thieves I think would benefit from looking at Strompest  to play midlane for them, as would Echo Fox and Clutch gaming, Cloud nine ,or pretty much any of the NA teams with a vacancy in the middle which seems to be most of them.

The top laners Fake god and MisteyStumpey could look for maybe to be picked up by Flyquest or another lower tier team.

Fragas as the top jungler I think would fit best with TSM or maybe Echo Fox. He could fight Grig for a starter position.

Tactical was the best bottom lane prospect at the tournament. I could see him helping out an Echo Fox. Golden Guardians, or Optic look to sign him to add some strong home grown talent to a position I feel is lacking on these three teams.

Though it is a bit hard to really make an accurate call as to who signs any of the prospects because of the free agent period going on as of publication. Free agent signings may fil out the needs of many of these teams leaving the scouting grounds players without professional teams.

I hope they decide to sign some of the prospects and develope them, makes the event worth hosting.

Worth keeping an eye on the roster changes as they come in too, stay tuned for further updates.