EU LCS Week Eight Recap



The past couple weeks I have been following the professional League of Legends leagues. I would say I started to watch at the right time. It’s the heat of the playoff race with just a week to go.

So, with that in mind here’s what I though of the pay from week eight matches. This is the European LCS week eight recaps.

The first match featured my favorite named team Unicorns of Love facing off against Vitality. UOL came into the watch as winners of five games in a row, essentially turning the season around and keeping them in the playoff hunt. Vitality came in on a bit of a slide. However, Vitality held the advantage in every game statistic and ended UOL’s winning ways.

Second match of day one was Misfits and Splyce. Misfits looked like they were going to win early in the contest. Yet in the end Splyce took it and kept up a higher position in the playoff hunt.

G2 took on H2K in game three. H2K stole the game to keep pace in the playoff race. G2 was in second and fighting for top spot yet showed a bit of a decline in this match and in the prior week.



The fourth match I watched was Roccat versus Fnatic. Fnatic showed why they are the top team dominating in kills and gold led. Rekkles carried well for them and showed why he’s a force in the league.

The first match on day two was Misfits and Giants. This game was kind of boring to watch, even with a playoff spot at stake. Giants won to go to 2-0 on the season against Misfits and keep themselves in the thick of the playoff hunt.

Then it was Splyce and H2K. Splyce looked so dominant in this game scoring a 12-0 shutout in kills. It was a big win as they now have an inside track on playoffs.

Afterward it was Roccat and Vitality. Vitality showed inconsistency as Roccat won a match they needed to win to stay alive for a spot in the playoffs.

Unicorns of Love then played Fnatic. UOL was looking to stay alive in the playoff hunt. A win over top ranked Fnatic would help a lot. However, it wasn’t to be as the Unicorns locked up an 0-2 weekend, while Fnatic clinched a playoff spot.

The final match I watched was FC Schalke and G2. Led by Upset and his 6/1/5 kills, deaths, assists line with Tristana Schalke upended G2. G2 just keeps showing decline heading into the playoffs, while Schalke is sitting in a fifth-place tie.

I can’t wait to see the full slate of matches this weekend. It should be exciting with all the playoff spots up for grabs.



2018 Bracket Round of 64


I’ll do something a bit different when picking a bracket. I’m not going to make a full one and just go round by round. Grated my picks will be shown here so I will know how well I did and can show I’m not cheating. Then again not in it for any gain only fun. So here are my picks for winners in the round of 64.

South Region

(1) Virginia (31-2)
(16) UMBC (24-10)
(8) Creighton (21-11)
(9) Kansas State (22-11)
(5) Kentucky (24-10)
(12) Davidson (21-11)
(4) Arizona (27-7)
(13) Buffalo (26-8)
(6) Miami (FL) (22-9)
(11) Loyola-Chicago (28-5)
(3) Tennessee (25-8)
(14) Wright St. (25-9)
(7) Nevada (27-7)
(10) Texas (19-14)
(2) Cincinnati (30-4)
(15) Georgia St. (24-10)


East Region
(1) Villanova (30-4)
(16) LIU-Brooklyn/Radford
(8) Virginia Tech (21-11)
(9) Alabama (19-15)
(5) West Virginia (24-10)
(12) Murray State (26-5)
(4) Wichita State (25-7)
(13) Marshall (24-10)
(6) Florida (20-12)
(11) St. Bonaventure/UCLA
(3) Texas Tech (24-9)
(14) Stephen F. Austin (28-6)
(7) Arkansas (23-11)
(10) Butler (20-13)
(2) Purdue (28-6)
(15) CS Fullerton (20-11)

(1) Kansas (27-7)
(16) Penn (24-8)
(8) Seton Hall (21-11)
(9) NC State (21-11)
(5) Clemson (23-9)
(12) New Mexico St. (28-5)
(4) Auburn (25-7)
(13) Charleston (26-7)
(6) TCU (21-11)
(11) Arizona St./Syracuse
(3) Michigan St. (29-4)
(14) Bucknell (25-9)
(7) Rhode Island (25-7)
(10) Oklahoma (18-13)
(2) Duke (26-7)
(15) Iona (20-13)


West Region
(1) Xavier (22-5)
(16) NC Central/Texas So.
(8) Missouri (20-12)
(9) Florida St. (20-11)
(5) Ohio St. (24-8)
(12) South Dakota St. (28-6)
(4) Gonzaga (30-4)
(13) UNC Greensboro (27-7)
(6) Houston (26-7)
(11) San Diego St. (22-10)
(3) Michigan (28-7)
(14) Montana (26-7)
(7) Texas A&M (20-12)
(10) Providence (21-13)
(2) North Carolina (25-10)
(15) Lipscomb (23-9)


Stallings Fired


All I can say is it’s about time.

The University of Pittsburgh has announced head men’s basketball coach Kevin Stallings has been fired.

Stalling was at Pitt for two seasons, in which the Panthers failed to make any postseason tournament. Last season Stallings went 16-17 an underwhelming season. This year he went 8-24 including an 0-19 mark in ACC play. This is the worst Pitts season ever. No other team in division one didn’t win a conference game


It wasn’t even close to a good season. Most of Pitt’s conference loses hurt. They got blown out game after game being beaten by 20-30 points. Only four games were decided by ten points or less. They scored just seven points in a half against Virginia.



Grated yes it was a Pitt roster with a lot of turnover and young players. I don’t see that as an excuse though as many freshmen led teams do perfectly well. Getting blown out week in and out has to come from either being mismatched, or a lack of leadership at the top.



Yes, Pitt plays in the ACC, which is a tough conference, but something still has to give. You can still challenge top tier teams. It just seems to me like Stallings is failing to motivate his team as even an 8-5 out of conference record seems pretty bad. Especially with some of the schools they lost too like Penn State and Montana.

I’m just not seeing anything positive Stallings did to keep his spot. The culture shifted under him from Jamie Dixon’s winning ways to losing a lot. Glad to see him go and it should be interesting to see who takes his place.



Top 10 Red Logos


Happy Valentines Day. In typical fashion I decided to match logo colors to the color of the holiday. In this case red.

My selections are based on logos with the primary color red. I tried to include a variety of team including ones you may not think of.


10.Boston Red Socks.

9. Cincinnati Reds.

8.Chattanooga Lookouts.

7.Kannapolis Intimidators.

6.Calgary Flames.

5.Washington Wild Things.

4.Florida Fire Frogs.

3.Chicago Bulls.

2.Marist Red Foxes.

1.Cal State Northridge Matadors.

PBA 2018 TOC


As we say on Hammer down, Sundays are for the bowlers. That was the case on February 11,2018. That’s when the PBA held the stepladder finals of the 53rd Tournament of champions.

The Toc as it is called has delivered no shortage of memories and this tournament was no exception.


The opening match might have been the most uneventful. BJ Moore, the fourth seed did battle with fifth seed Matt O’Grady. O’ Grady cruised to victory after Moore suffered several tough breaks, wining 219-174.
This gave O’Grady a match up with Jason Belmonte, who was looking for his tenth major title. The match came down to the wire as O’Grady failed to shutout Belmonte. Belmonte only needed a double and five pins to steal the win.


His first shot in the tenth went flush for a strike, but the second ball came up just short leaving a ten pin after a messenger pin failed to knock it over and giving the four-pin win to O’Grady.

That set up the semi-finals against Andrew Anderson , newcomer to the tour. This match played similar to the prior one and once again O’Grady walked away with the win by a 194-185 margin.

Waiting in the top position was Jesper Sevensson. Sevensson looked to be the favorite due to his performance in the tournament. However, he never got a good luck and the match remained very close between the tournament leader and last stepladder qualifier.
O’Grady sealed the championship with a late strike and took home the title with a 207-193 decision.


Overall, I really enjoyed the telecast. For one who hasn’t really watched the PBA with any consistency the past few years it was good to watch again. With three of the four matches going down the tenth frame it was exciting to watch.

Granted I wasn’t pulling for O’Grady to win. I just don’t know much about him as a now more casual fan. I would have liked to see Belmonte take it, or local/hometown player Moore win.

Take a look at the PBA’s next few events if you get the chance. They are celebrating an anniversary and it would be nice to support that.

Chief Wahoo Two


During the Cleveland Indians run to the world series the chief wahoo controversy came up.


I was on the side of the coin that wanted to see the logo removed.

The time has finally come. Recently it was announced that after 2018 Chief Wahoo will no longer see time on uniforms.



I fully agree with this. Though sources say this may only come because of intense pressure from MLB, or the fact that the Indians will host the 2019 all-star game.
Either way its good to see the logo go. Put the uniform drama away and focus on the on the field product.

Would be interesting to see what replaces it, if anything. I think the red C should be sufficient though if not a bit boring.

Should be interesting to see if this triggers another wave of logo changes. I don’t see that being the case ,but it may happen.



Super Bowl Picks


All right this is it. The final game of the NFL season ,the Super Bowl. This is the last game I have to pick a winner for. The matchup is the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. This is after I went 2-0 picking the conference championship games. For the playoff round of pick them I sit at 6-4.

So as much as it pains me too, I’m taking New England. I really don’t think Philadelphia is  going to pull out anything to stop them, sand getting super lucky.

I’m taking New England by a 31-14 score.