2019 NALCS Predictions Update

S. Samek

Earlier this split I made a prediction for where each team would finish in the NALCS spring season. Now With the finals a couple days away lets see how I did. Note these are regular split predictions, not counting where they would finish after the playoffs.

10th place prediction Clutch- actual 100 Thieves. Ouch was I way wrong. I had 100 Thieves as one 0f the best teams in NA. Yet I only missed Clutch by a spot as they finished 9th.

9th prediction Echo Fox -actual Clutch.

8th prediction Optic – actual Optic/CLG. Got half of the duo that actually tied for 7th. Yet I’m not surprised as CLG might have been hyped up too much in the spring list.

7th prediction Flyquest -actual Optic/CLG.

6th prediction Golden Guardians- actual Echo Fox. Well I underestimated both GG and Echo Fox. Both teams made the playoffs and I only had one team making them. GG finished 5th while, Echo Fox finished sixth. Yet I picked them to finish 9th. Echo Fox surprised me, but I don’t expect them to finish much better in the summer.

5th prediction TSM-actual Golden Guardians.

4th prediction CLG-actual Flyquest. Yes I over hyped CLG by a couple spots. I also underestimated Flyquest by a couple spots. Flyquest was good, but at 9-9 they aren’t great. Just good enough to beat lower tier teams and lose to upper tier teams. Maybe a break through comes in the summer, but I don’t see them winning the split unless the get lucky. Playoffs and a spot in the gauntlet are very reasonable expectations for Flyquest though.

3rd prediction 100 Thieves-Actual TSM. 100 Thieves had a disappointing split and I payed with that prediction. TSM did better than I though and actually made the spring finals against Liquid. While I’m not a TSM fan I give them props for performing well. I can for sure see them making a return trip to worlds if this keeps up, after missing out last year for the first time ever.

2nd prediction Cloud 9-actual Cloud 9. C9 looked dominant and performed as expected. They tied Liquid at 14-4 for the best record in NA. I feel like they should compete in summer for a title and a return trip to worlds.

1st prediction Team Liquid-actual Team Liquid. As expected Liquid finshed in the top spot. The NA super team looks to win their third straight split this weekend against TSM. Should be a good match.

Overall it was a pretty good set of predictions. Most teams I came within a spot or two of the actual finish. 100 Thieves and Echo Fox being the exceptions. Should be an interesting summer spilt.


2019 spring NALCS Recap week 2

Day one of the matchups for week two was Echo Fox and TSM. It was a bloody fight going 25-18 in kills in favor of TSM, who ultimately won the game. Zven somehow came out alive with a 9/0/10 stat line on Ezreal to star for Solo Mid.

C9 and Golden Guardians played next. C9 romped to an easy win over the struggling Golden Guardians. Nisqy went 5/0/6 on Zoe to star for C9 in the win.

Team Liquid and 100 Thieves played next. It wasn’t as close as one would think between two of the better teams in NA. Liquid got four kills apiece from Jensen and Double lift in an easy win.

Flyquest battled CLG next. Powerofevil showed why he was a prized off-season pick up in this game. Using Orianna he went 5/0/4 carrying CLG to their first win of 2019.

Clutch gaming and Optic played last on day one. Dardoch played a 5/0/3 Lee sin to pace Optic to a win over Clutch.

Day two started with Team Liquid and Clutch. Liquid pretty much kept the same formula winning in easy fashion against Clutch. Double lift stood out again as TL’s best in the victory.

Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves took the rift next. 100 won a later game team fight and took a baron to gain a push to find victory. Bang showed off on Ezreal going 6/1/8.

Echo Fox and Optic battled next. Apollo led the way in an easy win for Echo Fox, going 4/0/6 on Kai’sa.

C9 and CLG met next. CLG took six dragons and used that to gain a led and the win. Stixxay went 4/1/5 to carry CLG to the win and an even record.

The final match of the day was TSM and Flyquest. A late baron steal and great play by Wildturtle and Pobelter paced Flyquest past TSM to advance to 3-1 on the split.

The surprises keep coming this season. It might be early, but the field feels wide open. Can’t wait to see whats next.

LEC Spring 2019 recap Week 3

S. Samek

After skipping a week ,heres what happened during week three of the LEC.

Match one on day one was Fnatic and Rogue in a battle of winless clubs. Fnatic found a grove and won easily. Rekkles went 9/1 on Kai’sa with a Penta kill to put a statement in during the victory.

SK and G2 went next. G2 won easily with Caps going 8/2/8 with Urgot.

Excel vs. Misfits was next. Excel pulled off an upset, looking good in the process.

Vitality battled Origin next. Vitality looked good during team fights and used that to take the victory over Origin. Cabochard led the way with seven kills for Vitality.

Finishing off day one was Splyce and So4. So4 continued their fast start with a win over Splyce. Upset showed off some skills on Ezreal going 5/1/7 in the win.

Day two started with G2 and Splyce. G2 doubled up Splyce in kills at 28-14 to win the game. Perkz had 10 of them leading the way on Lucian.

Misfits battled Fnatic next. This was an absolute blowout in favor of Misfits. Soaz and Febiven each had five kills for Misfits,besting Fnatic’s two kills total.

Rouge and Vitality played next. this was a wild one. Rouge looked dominate and on the brink of winning their first game this season. Yet Vitality got a backdoor push and won despite being down 10 kills. Kikis alone had four kills for Rouge with his Gragas in the losing effort.

SK and Origin battled next. It was a pretty tight match until Origin ran away with it late. Patrik had eight kills with Kai’sa to lead the way for Origin.

Excel and So4 finished off the weekend. So4 took this one with a strong effort from Upset on Kai’sa with a 5/0/3 stat line.

G2 continues to play dominate League and So4 is right up there with them. Upset had the star performances in both of their wins and earns my mvp of the week.

Fnatic continues to struggle surprisingly, but might be on the way up after a win, time will tell.

Cant wait to see whats up with week four coming soon.

NALCS Spring 2019 Week One

S. Samek

Here we go the NALCS is back for another split. Let’s see what happened on the rift during the first week of action.

Team Liquid and Cloud nine started off week one in a rematch of the 2018 summer split championship. C9 kept it close, but it was Liquid’s superior team fighting ability that propelled them to victory. Jensen led the way against his former team going 10/2/7 on Cassiopeia.

CLG then battled Optic. Optic started many of there academy roster in this game. It didn’t matter as they got the best of CLG, including their former middle laner PowerofEvil. Allorim had six kills on Urgot , while Asta chipped in five more with Ezreal.

Flyquest met up with Golden Guardians next. The match was decided by an early kill lead that Flyquest was able to keep throughout the match. The king of kills for Flyquest was Wild turtle with seven using Ezreal.

TSM battled 100 Thieves next. TSM came out of the gate sharp and rolled to an easy victory. Zven led the way with seven kills on Ezreal to shine brightest for Solo mid.

The final match of day one was Echo Fox and Clutch Gaming. the 40-minuate back and forth was ultimately won by Clutch Gaming. Damonte with Galio had five spots in both kills and assists to lead the way for Clutch.

Day two started off with Team Liquid and CLG. CLG made a couple substations, but it didn’t do any good. Liquid rolled to an easy win thanks to Double lift and CoreJJ. Double lift had seven kills, while CoreJJ had 13 assists in the victory.

C9 battled 100 thieves next. It took 25 minutes and was a pretty easy win for C9. Nisqy carried on AAtrox going 6/0/4 in the C9 win.

Flyquest battled Optic next. Flyquest kept an early led and snowballed it into a win ,despite pushes from Optic. Santorin was the player to watch going 5/1/8 on kha zix.

Clutch and TSM fought next. TSM looked good early, but Clutch fought back and took the victory. Damonte went with Akali this time and scored nine kills to led the way.

Echo Fox and GGS finshed the day. Echo Fox rallied back from an early deficit to take the win. Apollo had six kills and eight assists to lead the way for Echo Fox.

It was a surprising week of matches. Like I wasn’t expecting Clutch gaming to sit at 2-0. Yet they do thanks to Damonte’ s star play this past week. in fact for his efforts I award him my mvp of the week.

Check out this weeks action on Saturday and Sunday and tune in for more recaps coming your way.

2019 NALCS Spring Predictions


Well with the LEC underway by a week its time to have the NALCS follow suite. Well ahead of this weeks week one action heres how I think the standings will play out for the spring split.

10. Clutch gaming. This roster was pretty much a couple academy players and a couple switches with Echo Fox. Clutch lost Febiven to Misfits in the off season, who is propably was there strongest player at the time. They have Piglet starting at ad carry over Cody sun ,which is stupid as I think Piglets time as a productive ad carry is over and Cody Sun was pretty good for 100 Thieves last season. Huni might be able to carry for a few games,but I don’t quite think theres enough weapons to pick up the slack if he falters, which he did often during the summer split.

9. Echo Fox. Echo Fox has 3 of 5 former clutch starters. They also lost Huni and Jungler Dardoch, who carried a good bit of games for them. Rush game over from KT Rolster in Korea, but does he have enough to work with in the lineup to help propel Echo Fox to victory? I’m not feeling like it will happen often.

8. Optic Gaming. This is another roster that really just lacks something. 3 of 5 starters are back from a team that finished 7th during the 2018 summer. they traded in star middle lane player Power of Evil for former world champion Crown. They also added two new junglers in Meteos and Dardoch. Yet the have Meteos starting over Dardoch. Starting a player in decline over the 2018 summer split second team all LCS jungler, who made that choice? Yet even with Dardoch in the starting role, this lineup shouldn’t inspire much confidence. Especially after losing power of evil as their main carry.

7. Fly quest. Flyquest has a returning bottom lane duo and jungler with a new top laner and middle lane player. I like the consistency of this lineup even if it maybe a bit lackluster on paper. Pobelter might be a small upgrade over Keane which is good though. V1per in the top lane is a bit of a question mark being a rookie though in the top lane. They made the playoffs in summer 2018 and could do it again, but don’t be surprised if they miss out barely.

6. Golden Guardians. They made a few roster movies that I think improved this team. they picked up Hauntzer from TSM and Olleh from Liquid to play top and support. They then sighned Froggen out of a break/ Origen before they got into the LEC. They kept their jungler and ad carry. I like the improvements they made and they look to have a good squad that could surprise a few people. The big question is how well is Froggen going to be coming back to the NALCS. I think if he puts it togther GG is a dangerous team fighting for a gauntlet win at a 3rd spot at worlds for NA.

5. TSM. TSM is a main stay in NALCS. They missed out on worlds though last season. I feel like that will put a fire in them for this season. Yet they had a confusing off-season. They replaced Mithy with Smoothie at support, which I feel is a lateral move. Yet it also messes with the synergy in the bot lane. They tried to address the need for a new jungler by getting Akaadian from Optic,but I don’t feel like hes making this team better. Broken Blade signed out of the Turkish league to play top lane. I’m excited to see how well he does, after some success in Turkey playing on the team that finished second. It might be a wakeup call in terms of competition though and might make for a rough first split for TSM if he struggles. But with Zven and Bjergson still being the main carries they are always going to be able to contend for the playoffs at the very least.

4. CLG. I admit this might be a reach, but I’ll roll with it. The picked up Power of Evil to start in the middle lane as their big move. They then moved Wiggily into the jungle to replace a declining Reignover. They stay consistent in the top and bottom lanes. I like that they don’t have to worry about the synergy of the bot lane duo, like many of the other teams do sense it stayed the same from last year. Couple that with some improvement from Darshan and a new big weapon in the middle and watch out for CLG.

3. 100 Thieves. With two first team NALCS summer players returning ,including the spring split mvp this team is just as talented as ever. They added former world champion Bang to start at ad Carry. I feel this gives them a stronger bottom lane when combined with aphromoo. I don’t think this duo with struggle to gain synergy because of their veteran experience and should be a dangerous duo leading 100 Thieves to worlds.

2. Cloud 9. After an unlikely run to the worlds semi-finals, why not just roll with the team that took you there. That would be the case except for new middle lane player Nisqy in for the lost Jensen. Now losing a first-team all NALCS player is a big loss. C9 is a weaker team for sure. yet they still have a talented roster that worked well when it counted most. Just hope the rookies can replicate their good play from 2018 or c9 is in trouble, even with a rotation of 7-10 players.

  1. Team Liquid. So close and so dominant, yet without a crown. So they went out and won the off-season at least in NA. They picked up Jensen and CoreJJ. Liquid now has three all NALCS first team members, including the MVP of summer 2018. This roster is ful of stars and anything short of titles and a spot at worlds is a bust. It’s going to take a lot to dethrone them from back to back NA wins and I don’t see it being done.

Let’s see what happens when the league begins anew on Saturday January 26.2019.

LEC 2019 Split Split Week One Recap

S. Samek

Its a brand new look for European League of Legends in terms of the now LEC instead of EULCS.

Let’s take a look at what happened on the rift during the first week of 2019 spring.

The first match I watched was G2 and the new entrant Origen. G2 dominated this matchup. the kills were 19-5 in G2’s favor. Caps showed off for his new squad going 2/0/14 on Jayce. Perkz looked good in his first game as Ad carry after the offseason role swap going 7/3/10. Yet he was playing Zoe in the bottom lane, which is a primary middle lane pick.

G2’s standout was ad carry Patrick with a 2/4/1 line with Draven.

The second match was Splyce vs. Excel. Excel looked lost during their first game on stage. They lost 16-6 in kills. Kobbe on Caitlyn and Humanoid, the new middle laner for Splyce with Aatrox each had five kills in the victory.

SK and Fnatic did battle next. They experienced a remake for game one and had to have a second game. Well it was a hard fought game won by a baron power play by Sk. Nemesis the new middle laner for Fnatic looked good going 3/03 on Akali, while SK was lead by Dreams 5/1/2 Ezreal.

Then we had Rouge and Misfits. The Misfits made a lot of moves this off-season and they payed off in week one with an easy win. However the standout performer was 2018 starting ad carry Hans Sama on the signature Draven going 8/0/2.

To close out day one was So4 and Vitality. This one played similar to SK vs, Fnatic with a baron power play sealing the victory for So4. Memento was top honors with a 5/1/2 performance on Olaf.

So4 led off day two against G2. G2 rolled to an easy win in this game scoring 22 kills against five deaths. Jankos and Caps had five kills apiece matching So4’s team total. Perkz went 8/0/6 on Kai’sa to further pace G2 to an easy win.

Misfits and SK Played next. Misfits once more lived up to hype scoring a one-sided win over SK. The kill advantage was 21-4 with seven kills coming from both Hans Sama and Maxlore. SK did have a bright spot though with three of four kills coming from top laner Werlyb on Sion.

Rouge and Xcel were next. Xcel changed course from their first game of the weekend and looked sharp. Caedrel led the way with a 6/0/3 stat line on kha zix in the victory.

Splyce and Vitality played next. Vitality looked to lose early, but came back and stole the game. Cabochard went 4/1/7 on Jayce to lead the comeback for Vitality.

Origin and Fnatic finished out the week. The match was neck and neck, but Origin was able to pull away and give Fnatic a surprise 0-2 week. Nuckduck carried over his form from 2018 playing Vayne to a 4/1/4 game.

Needless to say it was a bit of an unexpected week in the LEC. I won’t have expected Fnatic to go 0-2. Yet I’m also not surprised to see the likes of Misfits and G2 sit at 2-0 with easy wins.

In fact I think my MVP for the week is going to be Hans Sama of Misfits. He had 15 kills in two games while only not dying at all was super impressive. I was also impressed with some of the new players such as Humanoid and Nemesis.

I really wasn’t impressed with Rouge though or even Excel. Both lineups are pretty underwhelming ad were rough to watch.

Either way good to have the season back and cant wait for this weeks action.