Goldberg is Next

All-time great wrestler makes triumphant WWE return

By Donny Chedrick


We got the music, we got the walk from the back, we got the pyro and smoke. We got Goldberg.

The man who hasn’t entered a WWE ring in more than 12 years made his return to the company on the Oct. 17 edition of Raw. Goldberg came back to answer the challenge coming from the guy he had encountered in his final WWE match at “WrestleMania XX” – Brock Lesnar.

Since the initial trailers of WWE 2K17, there has been speculation that Bill Goldberg would make a WWE return due to the fact that he is the special pre-order character for the game. Plus, fans had reason to believe in the return because previous pre-order characters made at least one last return to the ring, like Sting and Ultimate Warrior.

Bill Goldberg is somebody best fit for a surprise return, but due to the recent ratings and the ratings an advertised Goldberg appearance brought in, there was no way WWE wanted to make it a surprise.

In fact, according to, Raw received a 13% ratings boost compared to the 2.758 rating it received the week before. The official ratings for the show went like this: Hour One – 3.17 million, Hour Two – 3.11 million, Hour Three – 3.12 million – which was a night when the WWE flagship program was going up against Monday Night Football as well as a time of year when politics are heating up.

WWE waited until the final segment of the show, which did hurt viewership in a very slight way because of the fact that many little kids watching the show at home are sent to bed by then.

According to The Internet Wrestling Database, Goldberg won 85% of his matches in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) – the company that competed at a high level head-to-head against WWE in the 1990s. Goldberg boasted a record of 213-24-11, not to mention he won his first 173 matches before losing to Kevin Nash at “Starrcade” in 1997.

Goldberg had some dominance in WWE in the mid-2000s, but nothing like he experienced in his WCW years. Going 28-4-6 in his two years with the WWE, Goldberg only achieved one world title run during that time.

Avenging his last match in WWE was a thought that went through Goldberg’s head when he thought about his return. He told Jonathan Coachman on ESPN that he felt that he owed a rematch to Lesnar, as their “WrestleMania XX” match is colloquially known as one of the most disappointing ones ever.

The best part of it was the end, as in after the match, when special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner on Goldberg and Lesnar. That is a gash in Goldberg’s career that he wants to rightfully fix.

Goldberg is about to enter Suplex City and face Lesnar again, but the real question is: Who’s Next?


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