Pirates Back-up Back Stop in Question for 2017


By Zack Zeigler



The starting catcher role is one that has been answered for the Pirates for the next couple of seasons when they inked Francisco Cervelli to a three- year $31-million contract extension earlier last season. However, with as physically demanding as the catching position is, the question for 2017 is who will be the guy backing up Cervelli when he needs a night off.

The Pirates essentially have three options going into 2017 with each having both good and bad elements. Chris Stewart, Elias Diaz and Jacob Stallings are the top three candidates to help back up Cervelli in 2017. Each catcher saw time in 2016 and produced for the team in one way or another and will look to crack the Pirates opening day roster come April. Continue reading “Pirates Back-up Back Stop in Question for 2017”