Shocking Rebrands Part Two

In this post  I took a look at some of the new names chosen by minor league baseball teams during the off-season. These teams were just the start. This post examines the rebrands missed in part one.

One of the teams covered earlier was the New Orleans Zephyrs change to the Baby Cakes. I was less than thrilled about this calling it a pet name, not a team name. Then while searching the internet I found something that reminded me of the direction New Orleans was going for. This came in the form of the fictional Buerbonville Krew of the Holiday League.

As shown here the Krew have a similar logo to the Baby Cakes. Both are equally silly, but for a fictional team it works, real life not so much.

Another team that failed to impress me with the change in moniker is the Buies Creek Astros. The new team moved from the California League to the Carolina League. The Astros picked up this new team. They went with a boring same as parent name and color scheme. Very adamant that any team above short season rookie ball doesn’t do this. It’s boring and it doesn’t do well for merchandise sales. This was after having a pretty cool affiliate name in the Lancaster Jet Hawks this season.

The second team that moved from the California league to Carolina is the Down East Wood Ducks. They became the new High-A team for the Texas Rangers. This is a good name. Wood Ducks is a nice variation on the Ducks name. It also as a very crisp and appealing logo with a duck and a stick bat. It’s a little goofy, but not over the top. I would just be worried it is related to the popularity of the Duck Dynasty TV show that is now in its last season. It’s a good name, but will it last long after the Tv show is off-air.

The final logo comes to us from the Lynchburg Hillcats. The name stays the same while the color scheme changes. While I don’t think, the old logo was something super, the improvements aren’t great. The color scheme is dark blue and teal. It looks like really bad neon. It also reminds me of trying to copy the Seattle Seahawks with the colors. This isn’t a switch I’m a big fan off either.

Yep change isn’t always for the better and some of these names prove.

By S. Samek