Tebow needs to Quit.

Former player trying hand at baseball.

By S. Samek

Playing more than one sport professionally is a rarity and happens with mixed results. Former NFL playoff game winning quarterback Tim Tebow is trying his hand at becoming the next great two sport star. However, his early attempts aren’t going well and this is such a publicity stunt the New York Mets need to stop with.

The saga started when the Mets signed Tebow in September and sent him to the Golf Coast League. Tebow made no appreances with the team before being assigned to the Scottsdale Scorpions of the Arizona Fall League. The Arizona Fall League is typically for high level prospects to see additional preparation time against higher level competition.

Tebow struggled in the league. He hit .194 with no home runs and two rbi.  Tebow did hit 3 doubles, but only managed 9 other hits. He wasn’t the worst hitter to suite up for the Scorpions, but was amongst the worst five hitters on the team.

Tebow then entered Mets spring training camp. Tebow did see action with the big-league club while in camp. Tebow didn’t make a good impression going 0-7 while striking out three times. Tebow was then reassigned on Saturday to Met’s minor league camp.

While Tebow has had more success in the past couple days including recording a hit. I’m not convinced of his staying power in the majors.

He’s a 29-year-old most likely headed for short season A ball. Most players that age that aren’t at the triple A level aren’t going to contribute much to the major-league club. Sure age isn’t a guarantee and a strong reason to completely count Tebow out, it really doesn’t do him any favors here.

Another reason I’m not big on Tebow is his lack of prospect status. He isn’t ranked in the Mets top 30. While plenty of non-top prospects make the majors, it seems like the trend is to play on the safe bets and top prospects. Plus, only three outfielders make up the Mets top 30, showing a bit of a lack in quality depth at the positions in the Mets system.

My final concern is Tebow’s complete lack of baseball experience. I haven’t found numbers on reports of him even playing high school ball let alone college. While Tebow does have some skills in football, baseball is a whole new game. Trying to learn a whole new game and make an impact at the professional is tough. I don’t think Tebow has the needed ability’s to make that impact.









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