Forth Down

 Friday Night Tykes returns for fourth Season.

By S. Samek

10 weeks is gone and a new set of champs has emerged. We talking about the fourth season of the Esquire Networks hit show Friday Night Tykes. The show that takes you inside two youth football leagues in Texas. This year the show covered five squads in a mix of new and old. Overall I enjoyed this season as one of the best for on the field play. I’ll break down what I thought of each team’s involvement here.

Starting with the Texas Storm. The Storm made the playoffs last year, but lost the state runner-up Texas Wolfpack. This year they had no shot at repeating it. A small roster and a quarterback with limited experience was dooming for the Storm. Every week the undersized squad complained of illegal hits and targeting. None of these complaints were acted on and the Storm finished the year 0-8. This included a forfeit loss in the third episode to the 210 Outlaws at halftime. Three episodes and their arch was done and the real football could be played.

The JYSF Venom was a new team in the league and to the show. The Venom formed as part of a merger this season. While the name is cool and the uniforms bright and shiny the season was anything but. Coaching staff issues and other off the field drama made it a short season for the 2-6 Venom.

Third squad up is the return of Judson Jr. Rockets. While not a favorite team of mine in prior season, they grew on me. A 6-2 regular season put them in the playoffs. Though a game with a lot of arguing and calls that may not have been right the Rockets bowed out in the first round. Though I do feel like there was a chance they got cheated out of that playoff game. Not that it mattered as the Wildcats team the played got beat on in the next round.

The final two squads match names and roots. We have my favorite team that I have followed all three seasons the San Antonio Outlaws. Then from them you have the 210 Outlaws. The 210 as they are called (rather tha 210) broke off from the Outlaws to stay in the Texas Youth Football Association. The San Antonio Outlaws left last year to start the Texas chapter of Snoop Youth Football. The Outlaws are known for domination. They did live up to that standard this season, but did have a couple of refreshing close games.

Tha 210 were a great squad to watch too. They played with the similar skill to the originals. In fact, I would love to see a matchup between the two. The matchups with the Austin Steelers and the 210 were easily the highlights of the season. I won’t spoil how these two teams finish. Watch it and see for yourself.

So, while this season had a lot of drama the play on the field makes up for it. Recommend you check this show out as season 4 was high quality.


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