Food Feud

By S. Samek

Twitter is a great social media platform. Though it also seems to be the medium of choice for many a back and forth arguments. The twitter war is alive and well in sports as well. This is not a typical fight though. This is outrageous. Yes, two minor league teams are going at it over which of their food-related nicknames takes the prize.

In corner one it’s the Lehigh Valley Iron pigs. The former Ottawa Lynx moved to Allentown to be closer to the Philadelphia Phillis parent club. Sense the name change bacon has been present in logos and ballpark food and even in mascot racer Chris P. Bacon has taken the valley by storm and led to the claim that the Pigs own the best food related logo in the nation.

Enter our second combatants the Fresno Grizzlies. A team named after a bear with nothing food related what so ever.  They staged a grand promotion known as the taco truck throw down. Then the Team rebranded and took the moniker Tacos for the second edition of the game. The plan worked as the Golden Bobblehead award for 2015 best promotion went to Fresno.

Lehigh Valley wouldn’t take this lightly and tried a cheesesteak themed game. This earned the Pigs a 2016 Golden Bobblehead. Thus, igniting the fire in this food fight.

Now the formal game to see which team reigns supreme isn’t actually a thing. Both play in separate leagues. Though the online war is fast and furious. The teas are asking fans to vote for the best food name at this website . Both sides have changed Twitter names to   #teamtacos or #teambacon. Merchandise bearing both names is widely available. Though the loser of this vote will have to don the moniker of the winner on field for a game. Both caps are offered in fighting posed versions of bacon and tacos.

Both foods are delicious. My vote is why aren’t a couple other names in on the action though. The Charlotte Knights are becoming the Pitmasters for a game in promotion of BBQ.

Then you have the first team to my knowledge to don a food name in the Montgomery Biscuits. I don’t think Monty and crew would be a team to mess with in this fight.

Sense I only have to options I’m going #teamtaco. I love tacos a lot and nachos even more. I’m not much of a breakfast guy which is when a lot of bacon is consumed. While I do enjoy the hog on a lot of food. I’ll stick with tacos for my pick. Vote for your favorite team at the above website and check out both teams on Twitter. Which food will take home the title?


Author: Hammer Down Sports Blog

Sports analysis with a strong foundation.

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