Superhero Athletes

By S. Samek

April 28th has been designated as superhero day. While many athletes display superhuman playing abilities, there are a few that have become the alters of famed superheroes.

Noah Syndergaard the Mets pitcher is known as Thor. The Mets hurler has fifthly stuff in the form of his fastball and curve ball. Giving the notion that his arm is a thunderbolt.  His blonde hair also look very similar to the hammer wielding Norse God. 


AJ Burnett. Pirates fans remember the pitcher’s help to get us into the playoffs. A resurgent Burnett gave the city something to hope for. This hope earned him the moniker of batman. Well that and the shirt and cleats with the bat symbol on them.

Number three on the list is the Iron man Cal Ripken Jr. Ripken known for playing in over 3000 games during his career.  This giving him robot like powers and matching him with Tony Stark.

Matt Harvey dons a similar nickname to Burnett. Harvey goes with the Dark Knight. Named after the successful Batman film franchise. Harvey pitches in New York, on which the fictional Gotham is based.

Moving to football, but staying in the DC universe is a Superman. This moniker is worn by Cam Newton. Newton rocks a man of steel shirt and touchdown dance. Through Newton shares the name with Dwight Howard and Shaq.

How about a whole team of super heroes? While the Mets have a batman and a Thor and even A Captain American in the form of David Wright.

What if the Marvel avengers franchise was an MLB franchise. The Avengers name was one of the choices for nickname for the Mets, but was beat out. Though if NYC is Gotham, why not the justice league as a nickname?

Calvin Johnson rocks the nickname Megatron. Known for his play making ability at the receiver position, Johnson earned the nickname of the most well know transformer.



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