Summer Jams

NBA Summer happenings.

By S. Samek

The NBA has named a champion. The draft is coming to a close and its, not quite time for training camp and summer league. Still need a basketball fix check this out.

Ice Cube has started a 3 on 3 league called Big3. Each team features former NBA players as captains and coaches.  Each team as a full roster and unique logo and uniform. Eight teams make up the league.


To make things more interesting the league also offers a fantasy option for fans. A bit ridiculous why not. Though a positive note is the format is set up like a tour. Numerous cities get to host games, leading up to the championship in Vegas. Kids under 13 can get in free with an adult ticket purchase as another nice gesture of the league.

Games are competitive too. In the opening weekend, all three games were under 10 points in differential. With two games having a margin of victory under five.

Another option for hoops this summer is the Champions League.  This league has 16 entrants. The league also emphasizes fans and celebrates and former NBA players. For example, Snoop Dog serving as an owner and commissioner in the league.  Which is super cool, seeing that Snoop has experience running his own football youth league and is being active in this new league. LA fans can also try their hand at being an owner in this league as stated here.

This league is standard five on five action. Tickets are very fan friendly. A $25-dollar seat also includes a meet and greet and a youth shoot around with the pros. The league is also dedicated to charitable endeavors throughout the year. A very fan friendly experience that I hope really takes off. It always seems like players are inaccessible to fans. This is paying the fans back for their loyalty and support I fully approve of these leagues.


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