Softball World Cup 2017

By S. Samek

July 5-9th 20017 featured the best in the world going at it in a tune up for the 2020 Olympic games. The event in question the Softball World Cup.

The event featured the top two ranked teams in international softball, Japan and the United States. Six other squads participated in the event as well.

Scores were relatively competitive.  Didn’t see any ten run games at this tournament. The standings were pretty even as well. Three teams finished with winning records and one finished at .500. The remaining teams were within a game of each other, except last place Mexico at 1-7.

The top two teams coming in, where the top two at the end. Japan and USA split a pair of games to each finish at 7-1. The USA won game one by a 5-0 score on July 7th. Japan took Sunday’s championship 2-1 to win the tournament. NO doubt we see these two teams competing for gold in 2020 against each other.  The rivalry has always been there and was certainly renewed when they played on Sunday.

Interesting enough Team USA is made up of amateur players. Granted very good players from high profile college teams, but still no members of National Pro Fast Pitch like you think would be the case. A development team in The USA Jr Women’s national team also played in the world cup and went 4-4. Nice to see that team getting a high level of competition to play against.

The event did a good job in showcasing the talent the USA has in the system. It’s a good appetizer for softball fans to see what the team is going to be like down the road. It just isn’t the same as watching the return of Olympic softball. Stay tuned.


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