Fight before the Fight

By S. Samek

Fighting sports brings no shortage of aggression and swagger to each match. From pregame trash talk to entrance songs to holding title belts and everything in between. So, what’s wrong with a good-natured ribbing between competitors.

Its fine to do so, but you have to back it up. It also helps if you don’t cross a certain line. Recently this line has in fact been crossed.

The fight is Floyd Mayweather going up against Conor McGregor on August 26,2017. So far from this fight we have a video of the two getting in each other’s face before a new conference.  Then we have an incident involving a flag and a backpack. Seems silly to me.

Though where McGragor crossed the line was in his choice of wardrobe. He wore a suite that if you look close enough into the pinstripe it drops the f bomb to a press conference.

 That’s just classless. They have rules against saying that on television for a reason. It doesn’t have a place at a press conference before a fight. Granted be as cocky as you want, but resorting to a suite with a vulgarity on it is ridiculous.

Not to mention why would you even have that printed on a suite. What does it even add to the look? That is being debated in this article from GQ though. Though it agrees with me that the f *** isn’t a trend to emulate.

I’m deffinitly rooting for Mayweather. This is just a stunt that get you to be a heel and have a legion of haters looking to see you get knocked out. Conversely give the guy props for having the guts to pull off this stunt. See what happens come August 26.



Author: Hammer Down Sports Blog

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