Top 10 Halloween Logos



No stranger to taking a look at different logos. This particular one inspiring this post. In the spirit of the Halloween season I’m taking a look into some of the best scary and creepy logos in sports.


10. San Francisco Demons.


9. Missouri Monsters.


8.New Jersey Devils.


7. Louisville Bats.


6. Topeka Tarantulas.


5. Texas Terror.


4. New Orleans Voodoo.


3. London Rippers.


2. Lehigh Valley Phantoms.


1. Casper Ghosts.





Top 10 Orange Logos


For St. Patrick’s Day I took a look at some of the best green colored logos in sports.  So, I took a little inspiration and for Halloween taking a look at the best logos in the primary color for the holiday, Orange.


10. San Francisco Giants.


9. Chicago Bears.


8. Baltimore Orioles.


7. New York Knicks.


6. Cleveland Browns.


5.Long Island Ducks.


4.Cincinati Bengals.


3. Rochester Rattlers.


2. Syracuse Orange.


1.Atlanta Thrashers.







Bryant Vs. JUJU


So far, the Pittsburgh Steelers have found success at 5-2 to start the year. However, one member isn’t happy with that success and wants out.

Wide receiver Martavis Bryant for the second time in as many weeks is basically requesting a trade.

Bryant said he wanted out last week because he wasn’t getting enough targets.


Now after Sundays games against the Bengals he’s at it again saying he’s a better receiver than rookie Juju Smith-Schuster.


This season Bryant has 18 receptions for 234 yards and a touchdown. Smith-Schuster has 17 catches for 231 yards and three touchdowns. The stats are pretty much a dead heat this year.


Bryant did have a pretty good 2015 after an ok rookie year in 2014. However, he went and got suspended in 2016. Now that he is reinstated it should take time to get back to a high level of performance.


He is having an ok season so far. Just not to the point where he is the best receiver on the team. Calling out a guy like this isn’t needed. Smith -Shuster isn’t doing anything wrong, just trying to get snaps and make plays. They just happen to have very similar numbers too. Making it hard to figure out which receiver is best.

I do think that having Bryant suspended for a whole season prior to this doesn’t help his cause. He shouldn’t be looking for more trouble, rather focusing on the on the field progress.

Let him get traded. Sure, you lose some talent, but what if it never develops like he thinks it will. Maybe JUJU is the number two guy of the future, or even number one. Sell high to a team willing to take a chance on Bryant. If not just dump him and move on.






Hours of preparation, sweat, hard work go into preparing for a football game. Though to most players all that work should pay off on Friday night, or Saturday afternoon. The best of the best complete their job on Sundays.


Imagine though if in the middle of your season, it was announced that you wouldn’t be playing another game this year. Your season and all that work was over.


That’s just what happened to division III team Occidental College. The team is 0-5 and calling it quits on the 2017 season.


The reason being injuries are plaguing the Tigers. They have a lineup of about 30-40 players healthy including just one defensive lineman.
In two of the five contests forfeits were called due to insufficient players left to finish the game. The other three were just beat downs as they have been outscored 170-19.


It’s an ugly way to go down and unfortunate. You would like to see the team finish the year. They canceled the final four games of this season, after not taking the field on October 14,2017 for a game against University of La Verne.


On a positive note it is good to see player safety being a priority. A lot of these low roster count teams have players play two ways and it could lead to more injuries. It’s not really worth it if you’re not going to be competitive.
Hoping 2018 is better for them.

PBA Hall of Fame 2017


The PBA has tabulated the votes and the results are in for the new members of the hall of fame.
Three players entered the vote and all three will become hall of famers.

The first of which is Chris Barnes. Barnes has been on tour for 18 seasons and won 18 titles.He has won the triple crown of US Open, Tournament of Champions and PBA World Championship.

All this and more in achieving over a million dollars in career earnings. He is a picture of consistency on the tour and always near the top of the standings. He was rated in my top five favorite bowlers . This a well-deserved spot.


Ron Mohr is a roller on the PBA50 Tour. This is his ninth season on tour. Mohr has nine victories on tour including three during the 2009 season. He was named player of the year that year and went on to win that award in 2011 as well.


Mitchell is a bit of a unique story. He wasn’t actually a professional bowler, but a bowling center chain owner. Many of the PBA’s signature events have been held at Woodland bowl in Indianapolis, a center in Mitchell’s chain. He was a passionate promotor of the PBA and for that earned his spot in the hall of fame. He is the first bowling center proprietor to earn this honor. This is after he passed away in 2012 from cancer.

Three well deserved births in the hall of fame. Congrats to the PBA class of 2017/20018.





NHL Pick Your Fish.

No Nashville Catfish, or Detroit octopus, but things are changing in the NHL.

S. Samek

Recently the NBA milled over changing the playoffs.



So not to be left out why not the NHL may change play off proceedings.

The new offerings come in the form of finish number one and get your pick of any of the fifth through eight seeded teams. You can pick the team you just plan think you can beat.
Then the second seed gets the next pick and the third the last pick. The fourth seed gets the left-over team. Then after playing the first round you do a reseed based on regular season records.


The idea comes from the Southern Professional Hockey League. They call out potential playoff opponents and then reseed as a unique calling card.


It also comes to the United States from Australia and their Erste Bank Eishockey Liga.

I do see the merits in this format. It is pretty much think you can beat a team, call them out and do it. Its put your money where your mouth is. Its heads up in your face hockey, good stuff.

It also does offer a change from the traditional way of matching up with seeds. Though there isn’t anything to stop the one seed from going after the eight seed and creating the same matchup.

It also could lead to some epic implosions. Call out the wrong team and lose to them and you’re in for it. The ridicule will be endless. Could be rather entertaining.

Conversely, I think it’s more work to reseed after a round. Why not just create one bracket and advance the teams that win? Seems to be a good system.

The good thing about the playoffs is that aura of unpredictably. Just because your high seed doesn’t mean you are winning it all. Just because you’re an eighth seed wouldn’t mean you couldn’t be a champion either. Seeds are just numbers on paper for organizational purposes. Once you get in you all have a fair chance in the playoffs.

The focus should be to get into the playoffs, not against you have to face during them. Yes, try your best to win games and get a higher seed, but it shouldn’t be about the seeding. It should be about winning games.

Overall, I think it could be worth a try, especially at the lower levels of the minors, or independent leagues. If it works out there maybe the NHL could adopt it.

O and for the reference this idea of a fish comes from the Good Ol Uba. They held an event where players called each other out. They named it pick your fish.

It could be time for NHL teams to start picking fish in the playoffs.