Mexican Hockey League


North America has two nations known for Hockey. Canada being the primary hotbed for the sport and a pretty successful United States market to back it up.
Mexico has decided to join the hockey world.

After forming in 2010 the Liga Mexicana folded after one season. Now the plan is to bring it back for 2017-20018.

The League has four teams The Aztec Eagle Warriors, Mayan Astronomers, Teotihuacan Priest and Zapotec Totems. Except for 20017/20018 it will be the Olmec Stone Head replacing the Totems.


Each team has two goalies and 17 skaters. Each team also recently announced new jerseys for the season.


The Jerseys look super cool, especially the Aztec Eagle warriors. Very well done to whoever designed them. The names are also unique and represent Mexican Heritage.

While the sport isn’t what soccer is as far as popularity this could be a good start. If the first season back is successful maybe the league can expand the number of teams. Then from there may be a minor league affiliate team moves into Mexico. It might be a challenge, but it could happen.

Though I think Mexico could also try to get an NHL game played there. Mexico has hosted the NFL, WWE and NBA prior.


They are  set with the Ice dome, an area for hosting winter sports should they want to pursue the NHL game.


For now, I think it will be interesting to see if hockey catches on. I don’t think it will have the appeal that soccer does, but I think the league can gain a niche following. It should be interesting to see what happens. The league begins play on Sunday October 22, 20017.


Author: Hammer Down Sports Blog

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