Pick Them Week 13


112-63 through week 12 after going 12-4 during that week.

Redskins @ Cowboys

Vikings @ Falcons

Texans @ Titans

Chiefs @ Jets

Broncos @ Dolphins

Colts @ Jaguars

Buccaneers @ Packers

Lions @ Ravens

Patriots @ Bills

49ers @ Bears

Browns @ Chargers

Giants @ Raiders

Panthers @ Saints

Rams @ Cardinals

Eagles@ Seahawks

Steelers @ Bengals


More Suspensions


The Pittsburgh Steelers lost another player to suspension. The kicker is it isn’t who you would think.

Both Le’veon Bell and Martavis Bryant will be in uniform against the Packers.

Marcus Gilbert will not be, however. Gilbert failed a drug test and received a four game suspension.

He has decided to not appeal the suspension. This is a refreshing rarity as most players appeal as much as they can prior to suspension.

The suspension will be lifted after the December 17th game.

Gilbert is a seventh year man out of Florida and the starting right tackle. He has started the last five games after missing time with a hamstring injury.

This is an annoying loss. Gilbert is a major contributor and will be missed during this stretch run. Though on the plus side he should be back in time for the playoffs



Top 10 Bird Logos


Tis the season for turkeys and turkey bowl games. How better to celebrate than taking a look at the best related logos in sports to turkeys: Birds. Even though Pittsburgh Dad denies the intimidating power of the bird mascot.

10. Toledo Mud Hens.

9. Orleans Firebirds.

8.Idaho Falls Chuckers.

7. Lancaster Jet Hawks.

6. Great Lakes Loons.

5. Aberdeen Iron birds.

4. Tucson Roadrunners.

3.Bakersfield Condors.

2. Rochester Honkers.

1. Anaheim Ducks/Mighty Ducks.



Sports Collections

Throwback to some of the coolest sports merchandise.


When I was a kid not only did I watch sports, I would collect them. Yes, I collected the standard baseball cards, but a couple other things too.

The first of which are the baseball helmets from Dairy queen. The ones that you could get when you ordered a sundae. It even had a display with each of the divisions, so you could keep the standings.

I have eight of them including a Montreal Expos one. They are still available, but maybe a bit forgotten about.

No doubt one of the most popular stadium giveaways of all time is the bobble head. A while back Post brand cereals took advantage of this by offering mini bobble heads of current MLB stars.

I remember always begging for the Oreo o’s or the like just so I could collect them. Even though most often the cereal became neglected after two, or three bowls and was left to become stale. Didn’t matter to me, I collected seven MLB stars, with a couple of them becoming hall of famers.

The final novelty I remember collecting is the mini team mugs. One could be had for .50 out of the toy machines at Walmart, or the grocery store. Yet again I ended up with seven from both the NFL and MLB.

They have come in handy too. I keep them on my baseball bat shaped shelf with a lot of my collectables and trophies. Actually, all the collectables mentioned in this post make their home on that shelf. Then I take my collection of baseballs and sit them on top of the mugs. Making for a pretty neat holder.

Note I didn’t and don’t collect these for the value. They aren’t worth much even several years after release. It was just a fun way to have merchandise from different teams.