Sweet 16 2018 Bracket.


Well my indent was to go round by round with my bracket picks. However  after round one I just said to heck with it after my bracket was busted.

So I went with an idea based off ESPN and have a second chance Bracket. These are my picks for the sweet 16 all the way to the finals.

9Kansas State


Then In Kentucky Loyola-Chicago game I’M taking The Wildcats.

Kentucky is the south region champ.

9Florida State

7Texas A&M

In the west we see another seven and another nine seed still alive. Yet I’m sticking with the best seed still in with Michigan to advance to the final four.


5West Virginia

3Texas Tech

This is the most exciting part of the bracket to watch by seeding. Upsets haven’t ravaged this bracket. Yet I think the kings of this region are coming in with the highest seed. WVU takes a trip to the final four via some country roads.



This is a bracket of powerhouses. Each of these games should be close. Yet I think Kansas stands tall  as the only one seed to make a final four.

I’m then taking Kansas to win it all. They dispatch WVU and Kentucky to do so.




EU LCS Week Nine Recap


With a wide-open playoff race the EULCS entered week nine. Here’s what went down on the rift.

In the first match of the day FC Schelke beat H2K to keep alive in the playoff race.
Roccat then took on Misfits. Roccat showed why they have been on a roll recently. They scored a near perfect game with a 9-1 kill score. Memento led the way with a 4/0/5 stat line with Sejuni. The loss all but ended Misfits chance at playoffs.

Next up was Splyce vs. Vitality. It looked like Splyce was going to take it, but Vitality stole a win here.

Giants played number one team Fnatic, but I didn’t see it.

Then G2 took on the Unicorns of Love in the final match on day one. G2 looked like a team still on the decline in the early game. However, the Unicorns coun’t hold the led and fell to G2. This put the Unicorns out of the playoffs for the first time ever.

Day two started with H2K challenging Roccat. This was a fairly even match. H2K came away with it though to earn a spot in playoffs.

Unicorns of Love then took on Misfits, with nothing on the line. Though it seemed like Deja vu for UOL. They held a 3-0 led, but coun’t finish it off. Misfits took it thanks to some strong skills in team fights.

G2 and Vitality fought in a heavy weight matchup. It was close throughout the entire contest, yet G2 took the game thanks to some late game dominance.
Though it was funny to see Vitality support Jacotroll rack up nine deaths with Tahm Kench. I felt bad for him for such a rough outing. G2 earned a match up against Splyce for second place after the win.

Fnatic and Schelke did battle in the last match of the regular season. Schelke needed a win to stay in contention. Fnatic was just playing to finish out the season, being on top no matter what. Fnatic ran away with this one early and often. Just adding to their dominance this season.

Fnatic adc carry Rekkles looked good in this one going 6/0/3 with a Tristana. I ‘m super impressed with his play the past two, or three weeks and am wondering if there’s any player better in Europe at this time.

The final match was a tiebreaker with G2 and Splyce for second seed. This one was a back and forth even match. G2 got a led late game and ran away with it securing the victory. Giving them an extra bye in the playoffs.

So, there you have it. An action-packed weekend of matches. Stay tuned for the playoffs to see who wins the spring split.


2018 MILB Pace of Play Rules


Starting in 2018 Minor League baseball will have some changes to pace of play. The goal to make games shorter.

Games going into extra innings will start with a runner on second base. Mound visits will be limited as well with the number going down as you increase in level. There will also be a 15 second pitch timer.

I like the pitch timer and mound visit change. Let the pitchers pitch and see if they can get out of jams themselves. Especially at the higher levels, which is something they need to work on before reaching the show. Mound visits do take a while and cutting down on them should help.

I do hope the clock also cuts down on throws to first looking for pickoffs. Those are annoying if done so many times in a row.

Now I’m not a fan of the starting with a runner on base. It feels like a little league rule. If you want to get on base you have to earn it. That’s the point of the game. This kind of feels like each team touches the ball in college football overtime rule. I just don’t really like it. Makes it easier to score and if both teams start with the runner they can both score just as easily and keep extending the game.

Though it does increase the chances for walk off wins if the home team stops the visitors from scoring in the top of the inning. People love walk-offs so that could be cool.
I understand baseball is a long game and people don’t like the length.


Yet its what baseball has that’s different from other sports. Some games are longer, some shorter as there is no clock. Extra innings means more baseball. More baseball is good for the fans You get more for your money and people like that.

It’s an interesting set of rules. I’ll have to keep updated if they actually make games shorter.



Well it’s called March madness for a reason.

UMBC, That’s the University of Maryland Baltimore County out of the America East conference has done the unthinkable. Took down a one seed as a 16 seed. First time this has ever happened.


They didn’t win a close one, or lucky one either. Nope a no doubter 20-point win. Just to be sure you remember them.

So, congratulations on a historic win. Congrats again on screwing over like every bracket in America.

I do really think this is a fluke. I like how they are 10-point underdogs in a match with Kansas State. While the win was impressive I don’t see K State underestimating them. So really this upset was a fairly moot point. Granted it could be seen as a starting point, or an exceeds expectations type of season. Yet if you don’t win it all why does it matter.

So, celebrate, then get out of the tournament. Stop messing up more brackets. This was a lucky victory that no one expected, but don’t bet the house on another one.






EU LCS Week Eight Recap



The past couple weeks I have been following the professional League of Legends leagues. I would say I started to watch at the right time. It’s the heat of the playoff race with just a week to go.

So, with that in mind here’s what I though of the pay from week eight matches. This is the European LCS week eight recaps.

The first match featured my favorite named team Unicorns of Love facing off against Vitality. UOL came into the watch as winners of five games in a row, essentially turning the season around and keeping them in the playoff hunt. Vitality came in on a bit of a slide. However, Vitality held the advantage in every game statistic and ended UOL’s winning ways.

Second match of day one was Misfits and Splyce. Misfits looked like they were going to win early in the contest. Yet in the end Splyce took it and kept up a higher position in the playoff hunt.

G2 took on H2K in game three. H2K stole the game to keep pace in the playoff race. G2 was in second and fighting for top spot yet showed a bit of a decline in this match and in the prior week.



The fourth match I watched was Roccat versus Fnatic. Fnatic showed why they are the top team dominating in kills and gold led. Rekkles carried well for them and showed why he’s a force in the league.

The first match on day two was Misfits and Giants. This game was kind of boring to watch, even with a playoff spot at stake. Giants won to go to 2-0 on the season against Misfits and keep themselves in the thick of the playoff hunt.

Then it was Splyce and H2K. Splyce looked so dominant in this game scoring a 12-0 shutout in kills. It was a big win as they now have an inside track on playoffs.

Afterward it was Roccat and Vitality. Vitality showed inconsistency as Roccat won a match they needed to win to stay alive for a spot in the playoffs.

Unicorns of Love then played Fnatic. UOL was looking to stay alive in the playoff hunt. A win over top ranked Fnatic would help a lot. However, it wasn’t to be as the Unicorns locked up an 0-2 weekend, while Fnatic clinched a playoff spot.

The final match I watched was FC Schalke and G2. Led by Upset and his 6/1/5 kills, deaths, assists line with Tristana Schalke upended G2. G2 just keeps showing decline heading into the playoffs, while Schalke is sitting in a fifth-place tie.

I can’t wait to see the full slate of matches this weekend. It should be exciting with all the playoff spots up for grabs.


2018 Bracket Round of 64


I’ll do something a bit different when picking a bracket. I’m not going to make a full one and just go round by round. Grated my picks will be shown here so I will know how well I did and can show I’m not cheating. Then again not in it for any gain only fun. So here are my picks for winners in the round of 64.

South Region

(1) Virginia (31-2)
(16) UMBC (24-10)
(8) Creighton (21-11)
(9) Kansas State (22-11)
(5) Kentucky (24-10)
(12) Davidson (21-11)
(4) Arizona (27-7)
(13) Buffalo (26-8)
(6) Miami (FL) (22-9)
(11) Loyola-Chicago (28-5)
(3) Tennessee (25-8)
(14) Wright St. (25-9)
(7) Nevada (27-7)
(10) Texas (19-14)
(2) Cincinnati (30-4)
(15) Georgia St. (24-10)


East Region
(1) Villanova (30-4)
(16) LIU-Brooklyn/Radford
(8) Virginia Tech (21-11)
(9) Alabama (19-15)
(5) West Virginia (24-10)
(12) Murray State (26-5)
(4) Wichita State (25-7)
(13) Marshall (24-10)
(6) Florida (20-12)
(11) St. Bonaventure/UCLA
(3) Texas Tech (24-9)
(14) Stephen F. Austin (28-6)
(7) Arkansas (23-11)
(10) Butler (20-13)
(2) Purdue (28-6)
(15) CS Fullerton (20-11)

(1) Kansas (27-7)
(16) Penn (24-8)
(8) Seton Hall (21-11)
(9) NC State (21-11)
(5) Clemson (23-9)
(12) New Mexico St. (28-5)
(4) Auburn (25-7)
(13) Charleston (26-7)
(6) TCU (21-11)
(11) Arizona St./Syracuse
(3) Michigan St. (29-4)
(14) Bucknell (25-9)
(7) Rhode Island (25-7)
(10) Oklahoma (18-13)
(2) Duke (26-7)
(15) Iona (20-13)


West Region
(1) Xavier (22-5)
(16) NC Central/Texas So.
(8) Missouri (20-12)
(9) Florida St. (20-11)
(5) Ohio St. (24-8)
(12) South Dakota St. (28-6)
(4) Gonzaga (30-4)
(13) UNC Greensboro (27-7)
(6) Houston (26-7)
(11) San Diego St. (22-10)
(3) Michigan (28-7)
(14) Montana (26-7)
(7) Texas A&M (20-12)
(10) Providence (21-13)
(2) North Carolina (25-10)
(15) Lipscomb (23-9)


Stallings Fired


All I can say is it’s about time.

The University of Pittsburgh has announced head men’s basketball coach Kevin Stallings has been fired.

Stalling was at Pitt for two seasons, in which the Panthers failed to make any postseason tournament. Last season Stallings went 16-17 an underwhelming season. This year he went 8-24 including an 0-19 mark in ACC play. This is the worst Pitts season ever. No other team in division one didn’t win a conference game


It wasn’t even close to a good season. Most of Pitt’s conference loses hurt. They got blown out game after game being beaten by 20-30 points. Only four games were decided by ten points or less. They scored just seven points in a half against Virginia.



Grated yes it was a Pitt roster with a lot of turnover and young players. I don’t see that as an excuse though as many freshmen led teams do perfectly well. Getting blown out week in and out has to come from either being mismatched, or a lack of leadership at the top.



Yes, Pitt plays in the ACC, which is a tough conference, but something still has to give. You can still challenge top tier teams. It just seems to me like Stallings is failing to motivate his team as even an 8-5 out of conference record seems pretty bad. Especially with some of the schools they lost too like Penn State and Montana.

I’m just not seeing anything positive Stallings did to keep his spot. The culture shifted under him from Jamie Dixon’s winning ways to losing a lot. Glad to see him go and it should be interesting to see who takes his place.