2018 NALCS Summer Split Week Five Recap


Week five NALCS Let’s go.

Leading off we have Echo Fox and 100 Thieves. The big play that swung this one was a 4-0 team fight won by 100 at the 15 minute mark. This gave them a kill advantage that they used to secure objectives to keep snowballing the led. Then at the 31 minute mark 100 broke the Nexus to win the match.

Cloud 9 and Team Liquid was next to play. C9 continues to shakeup the roster, this time by adding Blabber in the jungle to replace Svenskeron. They stayed toe to toe with Liquid, though had a two kill deficient at 25 and a half minutes. Then Licorice stepped in tied it up and took C9 to a baron. The play gave them enough firepower to defeat NA’s top team from last split. Licorice had seven kills with Poppy in the victory, while Blabber went 2/3/7 on Kindred in his first action of summer 2018.

TSM challenged Optic next. TSM and Optic stayed even early. Yet TSM build up a lead. Then a 4-0 team fight went the way of Optic, who then took a baron and rolled toward the base. They then denied a base defense and took the win. Power of Evil leading the charge with seven of Optic’s 11 kills.

Golden Guardians and CLG met next. Golden Guardians held a 9-5 kill lead with a five thousand gold lead at 25 minutes. The lead continued to escalate as the Guardians were pushing base at 30 minutes. It only took an additional two minutes as GG took the rest of the base for the win. Deftly finished with a perfect kda as Heimerdinger, while Mickey also impressed with his midlane Talon play to help secure the win.

Flyquest and Clutch ended day one. This match was neck and neck. At 20 minutes Flyquest scored a 3-0 to go ahead 7-6, then shortly a 1-1 trade would occur as Flyquest then takes a baron. Flyquest held an 11-8 kill and five thousand gold lead at 29 minutes, but Clutch was able to score a pair of kills. Yet Flyquest took baron and Wildturtle scored a triple kill to put his team up 15-11 at the half hour mark. Then the snowball kept pilling as Flyquest took the victory. Wildturtle racked up 11 kills matching the total of Clutch gaming. Refreshing to see Turtle have a strong showing and keep himself relevant.


Optic and C9 met up to start day two. Optic starts the coring with an early 3-0. Then it snowballed into a major lead of 13-3 at 24 minutes. Then an ace seven minutes later extended the led to 22-8. That was all they needed as optic shutdown Cloud 9. Arrow and PowerofEvil had 20 of 22 kills for Optic and looked sharp as a duo. Sneaky and Blabber had three kills apiece for c9 while Jenson had the other two.


Flyquest and 100 Thieves met second on day two. 100 held a 3-0 led and secured first tower 11 minutes in. At 20 minutes the led swelled to 8-1, five thousand gold and multiple towers. The battle ranged on and 100 kept the lead at the 30 minute mark 11-5. A kill by Wildturtle kept the base alive so for the moment and got the score to 11-6. The led didn’t matter has both team entered a base race at the 32 minute mark. A quick blink of the eye later and it was Flyquest stealing this one from 100 Thieves.

Team Liquid and CLG battled third on day two. Liquid started the scoring eight minutes in with a dive to get first blood and a chunk of the first middle turret. Liquid and CLG each exchanged a kill 16 minutes in while the gold continued to favor liquid. CLG then got a 2-0 in the jungle to take a kill led 3-2 at 18 minutes. Six minutes later a skirmish at the 24 minute mark went the way of TL to put them back in the kill lead at 6-4. A 3-0 at 26 minutes put TL in the driver seat for good as they rolled to the nexus and a win.

Clutch faced off against TSM next. It took 15 minutes to get first blood on the board. Then TSM and Clutch each took a kill to make it 2-1 TSM. TSM then traded a 2-0 for the rift herald at 20 minutes, but Clutch held the gold lead. TSM changed that with a baron and an ace that they turned on to turrets. TSM then charged onto the base. After a bit of stalling TSM was able to knock down the nexus and win 17-4. Bjergsen led the way with nine kills and no deaths, in the TSM massacre.

Week five ended with Echo Fox and Golden Guardians. Fox took first blood, but Guardians struck back evening the score. Then the Guardians helped themselves to two more kills and a 3-1 lead. Fox held the gold lead at 15 minutes despite the kills’ disadvantage. Then Contractz took over with his Nocturne and rolled the lead to 7-2. Then at 25 minutes the lead held at 9-4, yet Fox held a two thousand gold lead. Fox then moved towards base as the gold lead is extended.

At 31 minutes Fox held a six thousand gold lead despite an 11-5 kill disadvantage. Then Dardoch scored a triple kill, and Demonte added another and they set their eyes on the base. Fox then took out all the structures to score a victory and keep themselves in a packed race for first. Dardoch had seven of 10 Echo Fox kills and continues to be a leader for the team. I just really enjoy watching him play.

Wow did this week give us a lot of everything. From easy wins to close battles and star performances this week didn’t disappoint.



2018 EULCS Summer Split week five Recap


After week four’s action we move on to week five of the EULCS.

Match one on day one was Splyce and Giants. This match went back and forth all day. Yet in a long 52 minute match it was Splyce taking the victory.

Schalke and H2K hit the rift next. Schalke played a fine if unspectacular game to pick up the win. Though Nukeduck continues to dazzle scoring seven kills on Yasuo in this game to pace Schalke. H2K remains winless after the loss.

Roccat and Misfits was next. Misfits took a big 4-0 team fight at the 36 minute mark to distance themselves from Roccat and win the game. Sencux lead the way with six of Misfits 14 kills, pushing them to 9-0 on the split.

Unicorns of love met Fnatic in the penultimate match of the day. Fnatic fired on all cylinders in a dominating victorious effort. Caps stood out for his Fiora play in the dominating win.

To close out day one it was G2 and Vitality. G2 used strong midlane play from Perkz to double up Vitality in kills and take victory.

Schalke played UOL first on day two. This was a back and fourth game either side could take. Yet Nukeduck was able to get into the Unicorns base and backdoor to take the win.

Fnatic and Misfits battled in the match of the day. Both squads gave their all, but Fnatic returned to dominating form in a slightly unexpected win. The loss ended Misfits run at a perfect split at 9-1.

H2k and Giants battled next. This was another one-sided game resulting in H2K being 0-10 for the split.

Splyce and Vitality met up next. Much like the last game, this one wasn’t much of a contest. Splyce scored a 19-2 kill advantage and easily defeated Vitality.

G2 and Roccat finished out the week. Sticking with the theme of the last two games, this one was over in dominating fashion. Yet it was Roccat, not G2 taking this win. Roccat won the kills battle 11-0 giving them a perfect game against a higher tier opponent.


Lots of excitement went down this week. Should be interesting to see what goes down next week. I would watch Misfits to see if they can stay cool after losing the first game of the split. I would also watch to see if H2K can finally get a win this split.







Tim Tebow an All-Star


Here at Hammer Down we have talked a lot about Tim Tebow. Mostly saying how we feel he shouldn’t try and make a professional baseball career.

Well after a year in single a baseball Tebow was set to double a Binghamton this season. Which was surprising as he struggled last year at both levels of low a.

Yet this year he played well enough to earn an all –star selection. During the game he went 1-4 with a double.

For the season he is hitting .273 with six homers and 36 RBI. The average is up quite a bit from last year which is good. The 6 home runs in 84 games puts Tebow at a better pace to beat the eight home runs he hit in 126 games last year. He should also be able to best his 52 RBI’s from 2017 during the season as well.

It’s good to see Tebow improve. I still don’t think it’s enough to get him to the MLB though. He still sits outside the Met’s top 30 prospects list and still remain unproven at the upper levels of the minor leagues.

Yet keep watching and I’m sure he will do something next that might surprise me.

Sadly , Tebow broke his right hand and is out for the rest of the year. This happened the same day the post was originally published. A rough break for a player having an improved season.


2018 NALCS Summer Spilt Week Four


Week four started off with Echo Fox playing CLG. Echo Fox had an early 3-2 advantage. Yet. CLG hit a grove and rolled out to score an easy win. The 23 kill effort was led by Darshan with 11 and Stixxay with six.

100 Thieves and TSM played next. 100 looked dominant in this one racking up 20 kills as a team. This win was the fifth in a row for 100.

Clutch and Golden Guardians took the stage next. This one looked close at the start and got away late. Golden Guardians took it in the end. Though I think this one may have been stalled out a bit and the match could have ended earlier.

Team Liquid and Optic were next to last to play on day one. This match was the closest of day one as it was tired up at the 10 minute mark. It was tied once more at the 27 minute mark. However a 3-0 team fight started the separation, until 39 minutes which saw the score be drawn up again. However another 4-0 team fight deep in the Optic base was enough to take the victory for team Liquid.

The final match on day one was Cloud 9 and Flyquest. Sneaky returned to the lineup from academy for Cloud 9. It was 3-2 in favor of C9 at 13 minutes, but that was about as close as it would get. Ultimately it would be C9 walking away with a 12-5 victory. Sneaky had a kill and death with nine assists. However Zeyzal used Pike to cause havoc with five kills.

Day two started with Golden Guardians taking on 100 Thieves. A fast start saw GG take first blood just a minute into the game. This was the first of 26 kills the Guardians racked up on the game, led by Mickey and his eight with Zoe. The win ended 100s five game winning streak. It also made Guardian’s history, as the first time they ever went 2-0 in a weekend of a split sense becoming a franchise.

TSM took on Echo Fox next. TSM had a kill advantage to start the match, but Echo Fox led in gold. The Echo Fox scored a couple more kills to take a lead in that stat and snowball a lead. Echo Fox then took the base out with ease for the victory. Dardoch shines once again for Echo Fox with a team high five kills.

Flyquest and Team Liquid competed next. Flyquest took the first 10 kills before Doublelift ended the perfect game attempt at 17:24. Another six pack of kills was scored before the match ended with a crushing win for Flyquest.

CLG and C9 played next. This match was an absolute battle. Clutch gaming held the lead for most of it, yet C9 would keep doing whatever it took to stay in the match. An elder dragon and baron at 45 minutes into the game gave CLG the firepower to end this game with a victory. Stixxay had 10 kills to finish off a strong weekend for CLG. Sneaky went 4/3/9 in his second game back from academy. It’s a start, yet I think C9 needs to see more from him if they want to make a run for the playoffs.

The final match of the week was Clutch and Optic. This one was boring and long. That is until the end of the match in which Clutch won a base race to take the win.

Looks like the race for playoffs starts now with a lot of teams close in the standings. Keep watching to see what goes down.



EULCS Week 4 Summer 2018 Recap


One week off is too many. Let’s jump right back into the action with week four of EULCS.

First matchup of the day was H2K and Vitality. H2K just can’t get into the win column this season. Vitality made sure of that as a balanced team killing attack put H2K down for the count. H2K has now lost seven in a row to start the split.

Giants and Schalke played next. It was close for a while, but then Schalke’s funnel strategy payed off. Nukeduck scored 12 kills as a funneled Kai’sa to lead the way to victory over the Giants.

Roccat and Unicorns of love hit the rift next. Roccat took an early lead on a level one trade and never looked back. Roccat racked up 20 kills to eight deaths and just made it look easy. Neon subbed in as ADC for UOL. He used Heimerdinger. He looked ok even scoring UoL’s first kill, but he didn’t make a huge impact on the game.


Fnatic and Splyce met up next. This one was another match that was over pretty quickly. Splyce just took it to Fnatic in this one. 23-6 was the kills’ advantage while it was a six thousand plus gold lead for Splyce. I think this match was a little bit of an upset, but shows how capable Splyce is to win against better teams.


Then we had the main event for the night/weekend. Undefeated G2 and undefeated Misfits. Both showing up in this match with 6-0 marks. This match was worth of the hype. It was close in kills and gold for a solid chunk of time. Then at the 30 minute mark, Misfits found a 4-0 team fight win. This then moved into them taking baron and amassing a big gold lead. Misfits then took down the towers, inhibitors and nexus in short order to score the victory and move to 7-0.

This should make for one heck of a rematch come playoff time. For the moment I believe Misfits are one of the better teams in EU and that their spring split was an off season. Yet I also don’t think this match is the end of dominance for G2. It’s merely a blemish on an overall good season.

It was just a case of the better team won.

Day two match one was UoL and H2K. This was fairly close and nothing special as far as action went. UoL played well enough to win and keep H2K winless.

Schalke and Splyce had the next match. Through six minutes the match was pretty even. Yet two minutes later Schalke was able to start a rampage of kills to extend the lead. This lead was never challenged as Schalke picked up the win and 2-0 weekend. Nukeduck finished a strong weekend with another five kills in the contest with AAtrox.

G2 played Giants next. This was a match you think G2 would run away with. However the unexpected happened as Giants took an early large lead. Then G2 fought back. Yet Giants were able to take the lead back and secure a 4-0 team fight win in the bottom lane that allowed them to push to victory. G2 went 0-2 for the first time this split, break a six game winning streak in the process.

Fnatic and Roccat was match four of the day. This was a back and forth battle and evenly match. The match ended with an ace to give Fnatic a win in 27 minutes.

Misfits then put their undefeated record up against Vitality to close out the week. Kills were even early in the game and up to the 21 minute mark. However Misfits was able to gain some separation thanks to a gold advantage. A 3-0 team fight at 35 minutes in the Vitality base went Misfits’ way to give them the power to finish off the nexus. The win puts Misfits at 8-0 and first place in EU though four weeks.

I think the completion is heating up. For sure I will have to keep watching as we get farther into the season and closer to the playoff race.






2018 NA-EU Rift Rivals Recap


The EU and NA LCS both took the last week off. However three teams from EU took on three from NA in this year’s Rift Rivals.

The first match of day one was Echo Fox and Fnatic. Fnatic took an early led, yet Fox was able to start a comeback. The comeback didn’t amount to much as Fnatic shut it down and amped up the led on the way to victory to give EU a 1-0 led.

G2 took on 100 Thieves next. Perkz led the way with eight kills as G2 just piled up kills and gold on 100 for an easy win and an EU 2-0 led.

Team Liquid took on Splyce next. This game was a total beat down. Liquid crushed Splyce by 11 kills and 13,000 gold. 2-1 EU.

Echo Fox and Splyce concluded day one. Echo Fox won thanks to strong play from Dardoch, who had seven of his team’s 14 kills. This evened the overall score at two.


Team Liquid and Fnatic were first on day two. Team Liquid looked impressive, while stellar play from Doublelift to win the game.

G2 downed Echo Fox in a blowout to even the overall score at three next.

100 and Fnatic were next. Fnatic dominated to give EU a 4-3 advantage overall.

100 Thieves and Splyce did battle next. This was all 100, as they dominated a match that somehow went 41 minutes.

G2 and Liquid then concluded the round robin stage. G2 used a strong effort from Jankos and Perkz, who each had seven kills to take this one and give EU a 5-4 win for the round robin portion of the event.

The best of five finals started with G2 and Echo Fox. Echo Fox surprised a lot of people by coming out on top in this one. Dardoch had a highlight triple kills to help secure the win. This was G2’s first lost in games played in formal completion of the 2018 summer split, as they sit 6-0 though three weeks of matches.

Fnatic and 100 Thieves then played next. Despite a strong performance from Cody sun for 100 Thieves, this game was similar to the prior time these teams met. The win evened the finals at one.

Team Liquid and Splyce went next. This match was one no one expected. It was a bit one-sided, yet it was Splyce winning, not the favored Liquid. Nisqy had eight kills in the victory to star for Splyce.

Echo Fox battled Fnatic as NA’s last hope. Yet it would be Fnatic rolling out to an early lead. Fox charged back into it, thanks to a Dardoch solo kills. Yet at the 15 minute mark, Fnatic took control and snowballed a permanent led. The win gave EU the Rift Rival’s win.

It was a fun tournament. Refreshing to see how different regions matchup against each other. I enjoyed watching it, even if EU took

NALCS 2018 Week Three Summer Split Recap


WE move on to week three of the NALCS. Here’s the recaps of the action.

Cloud 9 and TSM led off the day one action. This is a rivalry match between two of NA’s mainstay franchises. Also of note Cloud 9 bought back Jensen and Smoothie from academy for this week’s matches.

The decision looked like it would pay off as C9 scored first blood. Yet A bit late TSM was able to get two kills back to tie it up. Both teams traded blows and it was tied 12-12 in kills at 30 minutes. Then 10 minutes later TSM found an ace that secured them an opportunity to take the c9 base and the win. Jensen and Smoothie both made impacts despite the loss, with Jensen having eight kills and Smoothie chipping in 10 assists. TSM’s Zven added eight kills of his own with Varus in the win.

Liquid and Echo Fox matched up next. This matchup was pretty much the Doublelift show. The adc/bot lanner used Xayah to rack up a game high 11 kills. Pobelter used an Irelia to rack up eight kills himself for Liquid. Both individual efforts were higher than Echo Fox’s seven kills as a team. The duo each picked up a triple kill as well during the course of the match, as Echo Fox just couldn’t overcome the dominance of Liquid.

100 Thieves and Clutch in a battle of red and black jerseys was up next. This one was a long game. It went 51 minutes. The score for this type of match seemed a bit one sided as well with 100 Thieves winning kills 22-11. This was thanks to a 3-0 team fight in the Clutch base that procured the win for 100. Yet as I said it was bit one sided for such a long game.

Golden Guardians and Flyquest were next on the rift. GG scored the opening kill, but Flyquest started a furious comeback after that. Flyquest held an 8-3 led at 15 minutes and snowballed it from there. Kenne played a great Galio going 6/0/6 and scoring a clutch triple kill that helped Flyquest take the base and win the game.

Optic and CLG ended day one’s action. This was a back and forth battle as 13 minutes in Optic held a 4-3 kill led, yet was down one thousand gold. At 24:30 the match took a turn in CLG’s favor as they scored a 4-1 team fight win. Hey then we able to work with the led and take the win about 37 minutes into the game. Huhi played Lissandra and finished with seven kills to pace CLG, while Stixxay chipped in four kills of his own in the victory.

Day two started with TSM and Golden Guardians. Golden Guardians struck first blood for the second match in a row. However the advantage wasn’t to last. Grig scored two kills for TSM and the rally was on. TSM rolled to easy victory in this one. Zven had six kills, including a big triple kill at 24 minutes, Bjergson had four kills with one death using Darius. The win caps off a 2-0 weekend for TSM. I would keep an eye on Grig, he seems to be making a name for himself with his strong play throughout the first three weeks of the split.


Team Liquid and Clutch were up next. It was a back and forth game for 12 minutes, then Clutch was able to start distancing themselves from Liquid. Team fights led to a gold led snowball, highlighted by a 4-0 team fight in front of baron leading to a massive Clutch advantage and ultimately the win. Apollo netted half of Clutches kills with six to carry the team.

100 Thieves and Optic played next. This was a one-sided game from the start. 100 Thieves just racked up kills and gold and won easily. Cody Sun was top player for 100 n this game with five kills and four assists.

Cloud 9 and Echo Fox had the next to last match for the week. This one lasted a while, but was full of action. Kills and gold trade hands consistently throughout the match. Each team also had a successful base defense to further escalate the action. Yet in the end Echo Fox pushed past C9. Also of note was a Penta kill by Altec on Lucian for Echo Fox that served as a turning point in the match.

CLG and Flyquest ended the week. CLG held the god lead while Flyquest was up in kills. Yet eventually Flyquest was able to gain a led they would never give up and take a victory. Santorin had a 10 kill game for Flyquest and Keane added five more to pace Flyquest.


Lots of excitement this week. Can’t wait to see what happens during week four, after a week off for Rift Rivals.