New Lacrosse League

S. Samek

Its always exciting to hear about new sports offerings. In this cause we have a brand new entrance in  professional lacrosse.

The Premier Lacrosse League is set to take the field in 2019. It is founded by Paul Rabil, one of the former top players of Major League Lacrosse.

Sadly the league doesn’t have much information about itself yet. The biggest piece of information we have is a list of players able to play in the league.

I think the league is a cool idea. It should hopefully be good direct competition to MLL. Yet I don’t know if a break off league would have been the best idea.

They maybe should have focused on expansion of the MLL first. Try other cities and see if new markets test better than ones before. Yet with lacrosse not being as popular as it was before I see this being a bit of a risk.

I guess we have to stay turned for future details. Though for now know that it’s coming.





Author: Hammer Down Sports Blog

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