Amarillo Baseball

S. Samek

Keeping up with the recent theme we have another new minor league baseball identity for 2019.

This one is the Amarillo Sod Poodles. Yes the went with the nickname for prairie dogs.

The other options were boot scooters, Bronc  busters, Jerky and Long Haulers. Very heavy on Texas theme and each dumber than the last.

The names all are terrible. I think they tried to clown it up instead of finding a unique and tasteful identity. Heck even going with just prairie dog would have been a better choice, or maybe even just broncos.

The logos are pretty weird too. Upon first look I thought the logo with the big hat was a camel. The other logos make it clear its a prairie dog, but don’t really stand out as anything really cool.

The Texas theme also  is a bit off putting. Like I get it its Amarillo Texas, but why not show more of a city based identity rather than the whole state. Its not like your the Texas Sod Poodles.

Over all I might just call this the worst of the new rebrands or team names to come out so far. Its just a rediculous name with a weird logo. Absolutely a miss in my book.


NFL Week 11 2018 Pick

S. Samek

  • Packers at Seahawks
  • Bengals at Ravens
  • Cowboys at Falcons
  • Buccaneers at Giants
  • Steelers at Jaguars
  • Texans at Redskins
  • Titans at Colts
  • Panthers at Lions
  • Broncos at Chargers
  • Raiders at Cardinals
  • Eagles at Saints
  • Vikings at Bears
  • Chiefs at Rams

New Lacrosse League

S. Samek

Its always exciting to hear about new sports offerings. In this cause we have a brand new entrance in  professional lacrosse.

The Premier Lacrosse League is set to take the field in 2019. It is founded by Paul Rabil, one of the former top players of Major League Lacrosse.

Sadly the league doesn’t have much information about itself yet. The biggest piece of information we have is a list of players able to play in the league.

I think the league is a cool idea. It should hopefully be good direct competition to MLL. Yet I don’t know if a break off league would have been the best idea.

They maybe should have focused on expansion of the MLL first. Try other cities and see if new markets test better than ones before. Yet with lacrosse not being as popular as it was before I see this being a bit of a risk.

I guess we have to stay turned for future details. Though for now know that it’s coming.




League of Legends 2018 World Championship Finals Recap

S. Samek

Its finally time to name a winner in the League of Legends world championships. Yet first let’s take a look at our grand finals’ matchup between Fnatic and Invictus gaming.

Game one saw Invictus strike first at the 10:15 mark. They then kept adding to the lead scoring many kills and objectives. The game took 27 minutes and saw Invictus take a 1-0 lead in the best of five. Ning went 6/0/8 on Camille, while Jackeylove went 7/1/9 on Kai’Sa to lead Invictus. Bwipo went 3/5/2 on Urgot for Fnatic.

Game two was a thrashing. Ning scored his first two kills of the game six minutes into the match. He ended up with a 5/0/11 line playing as Gragas. Jackeylove went 5/1/5 on Kai’Sa and Theshy went 9/3/8 on Irelia to pace Invictus. Broxah went 3/4/2 with Lee Sin as a bright spot for Fnatic.

Game three stated with Fnatic changing Bwipo out for Soaz in the top lane. Fnatic started better, scoring first blood in the top lane this time. Yet at about 16 minutes in Invictus secured an ace to turn this one in their favor. The lead then stayed that way as Invictus finshed off a 3-0 sweep. The win securing them their first world championship.

Jackeylove once more on Kai’Sa popped off with 13 kills and seven assists to no deaths. Rekkles led Fnatic on Xayah with a 9/3/5 line, but it was too little too late.

Ning was then named finals MVP. The jungler had great performances in games one and two, but I felt didn’t make a strong impact on game three. I think Jackeylove was consistently dominant in all three finals games and should have been the MVP.

Once more I continued to underestimate Invictus. They showed they were the best in the world when it mattered. The took out Fnatic and G2 in the minimum six games. They took out KT Rolster in five games and only lost twice during groups. Giving them one of the best overall records at worlds as well. They absolutely earned every right to call themselves champs.

Fnatic I think had a solid season. Yet I think they wanted a different end result. I feel like while it was a good season, it wasn’t enough for Fnatic. They won’t be content to finish second, just first or bust. I’d watch out for the next season it could get ugly with them fighting with a chip on their shoulder after some unfinished business.

I was disappointed in this final’s series though. Why did it have to be another 3-0? Four of seven knockout bracket series went 3-0 including the last three. A massive disappointment for some of the best teams in the world to just outclass another of the saposed best teams in the world like that. It just leaves you wanting more as a fan. You want the 3-2 you want the drama and comeback.

Even if my pick in Fnatic would have won 3-0 it would have felt like it was missing something. Almost like it came too easy. That’s the vibe I got from this final.

Yet I’m ready for next year to begin. I can’t wait to see whats next. Though overall, I think I’m pretty pleased with what I saw from my first League of Legends worlds as a fan and writer.

Fayetteville Rebrand 2019

S. Samek

We have another minor league baseball rebrand. Seems like a quick turn around on these this year.

Anyway, after playing for a couple years as the Buies Creek Astros, a team is moving to Fayetteville North Carolina to become the Woodpeckers.

I like this name. It has a charm to it. It’s a bit different than other general bird names, but not over the top annoying or rediculous. It stands out in a positive way as I don’t belive I’ve come across any other teams with the same name.

The logo also looks cool. I really like the red and black color scheme. It’s just a sharp looking logo that would be worth buying on a hat.

It also has a local connection to the name. The red-cockaded woodpecker had a large habitat there, despite being an endangered species.

Over all I think this is the second best of the three rebrands. It just isn’t’ as good as Rocket city trash pandas, but absolutely beats the Syracuse Mets.


Now thats How You Retire

S. Samek

No doubt that things can’t last forever. Its the same way with sports. Coaches and players come and go in an endless cycle.

Thats exactly what happened on Saturday October 28,2018. East Stroudsburg head coach Denny Douds decided to call it quits after 53 seasons, 45 of them as the head coach.

How he did it was interesting though. He called a fourth time out and tipped his hat to the team and walked out to his car. The game ended with his team losing, as the clock ran out due to a penalty for taking a forth time out.


The guy showed gets some style points for the way he went out. Even in defeat he just said to heck with it and left on his own terms.


Yet I would say he is allowed to do so. Hes coached in  471 games and has 264 wins. The mark for games coached  is the best in all of division two. Seems to me like he has earned his retirement