Ball Family Strikes Again.


The Ball family strikes again. Not for reasons in a positive light either.


The big announcement is that Liangelo Ball has been pulled out of UCLA. Liangelo hasn’t played in any games for the Bruins this year. He will look to transfer. This comes after an incident in which Liangelo was suspended indefinitely for shoplifting during a team trip to China.


I guess it makes sense to me to explore other options if you’re not going to play. Yet it was his own fault for shoplifting as to why he got suspended.

Yet Lavar Ball will let his youngest son Lamelo commit to UCLA just like Lonzo Ball did.

The Los Angeles Lakers announced a rule that plan to enforce. This is that no media member may congregate outside of the section designated for family members and associates of players.

The rule has been dubbed the Lavar Ball rule after the infamous father did an on -court interview on opening night of the season.

While he hasn’t done anything like that sense. He can’t do it anymore. However, the league does allow on court access for those with credentials.

This is a fair rule. Give the players some space to breath without a camera, or notepad in front of their face. Let them enjoy family time. Yet still honoring the leagues rules and having the credentialed media members do what they need to do.


I just hope Lavar will be quite and let his sons just play some basketball.






NBA Playoffs may Change.

League mulling over change in seeding procedures.

S. Samek

After making changes to the draft and all-star game you think the NBA would be happy. This isn’t the case as it is debating the idea of changing the playoffs.
This change would seed the 16 playoff teams into one bracket, rather than two eight team conference brackets.



Though according to the article and commissioner Adam Silver it would depend on balancing out the schedule. The may reason this is tricky is to avoid more travel than is needed.

Step Curry likes the idea though of 1-16 straight seeding. Many of the NBA players also agree with the super star on this issue.

I think it could be a good idea as well. It would have the 16 best records in and all have a fair shot at the title. It wouldn’t have the bottom tier, or fringe type teams trying to get a playoff spot just to meet the quota for the conference.

Sure, you may have conference matchups in reach round, but you may also have cross- conference matchups. It may lead to an NBA final of all one conference, but if they are the best two teams shouldn’t they match up anyway.

Conference affiliation is nice for scheduling purposes. It is also nice to have that sense of pride that you represent you conference in the NBA title game after winning the conference championship. Though I would say that every player wants the NBA title over a conference one.

Overall, I think this would be a good switch for the NBA. You can have the 16 best teams play and get matchups you won’t normally see in the playoffs happen. With the all-star game also dropping conference ties why not have the playoffs drop them too.






NBA All Star Changes.


The NBA has been quite busy recently. After announcing changes with the draft, they are now tweaking the all-star game.

It will no longer be an East vs. West conference based show down. The top two players with the most votes will become captains and draft their team. Any player they want can be chosen from the pool of eligible all-stars without worrying about conference affiliation.

24 players are still selected, so no change there, nor is there a change in the starter selection. Fan vote, current players and media vote is still in play. Also remaining is the coaches picking the 14 reserves.

I’m in favor of this new format. It gives it very much a school-yard pickup game feel. That it’s about making the best team, not just conference stuff. It’s a really good idea, especially if it doesn’t have anything to do with picking home court advantage for the NBA Championship series. The conference thing isn’t really needed. It just serves as an easy way to divide teams for the game.
This makes it a lot more fun. You have endless combinations of players in starting and reserve roles. Ones that would be impossible to pay for under salary cap and see on a regular basis. You could have the dream starting five, if at least only for one night.
Though why stop there. Maybe have multiple five on five teams with a bunch of captains and tournament them. Give the fans lots of high level basketball to watch. The all-star game is a showcase game and a fun atmosphere. With all the before game contests why not make the game light and fun as well. Picking teams makes it more fun and light. This is a win for the NBA.



NBA Draft Reform


The NBA made some changes to the draft. The chance for each team to win the first overall pick has gone down to 14 percent for the three worst teams. Some of the other teams to rank low see their chances going up.

Though the common critique of this draft system is that it promotes tanking. That trying to lose games on purpose to steal the top pick and hope to develop them into franchise changing superstars.
The moves were made to try and curb the tanking. Thinking that even if you finish say with the fifth, or sixth worst record you have a better chance than you did in the past to get a number one pick. You’ll have more of an incentive to win a couple extra games.
I think they system is the way it is. It theory the tank get superstars, may work it may not. It’s the same in every sport too, not just basketball. Just because your drafted number one overall does not guarantee a title. Heck it doesn’t guarantee any degree of success.
True you could be the transcendent talent your team seeks. There’s no doubt Laron James was what Cleveland wanted him to be. Sidney Crosby, or Mario Lemieux saved the Penguins and won them cups. It can work to select your team this way.
Though for every superstar you need role players. Crosby can’t play four other positions and goalie now can he. Even Michael Jorden needed Scotty Pippen and three other guys on the floor with him. What’s to say some of the elite players couldn’t hold their own going one on five. I doubt it though. That’s why it’s a team sport. One person can’t win the game all alone. They can help, make that one big play happen, or score the game winner, but they needed some help to get to that moment.

Stan Van Gundy of the Detroit Pistons has a solution better than the draft. Cancel the draft and all rookies that would be eligible become free agents. The teams sign them and try and stay under the salary cap.

It’s a cool idea. They only problem is what’s stopping all the top picks from trying to sign in one place and form a super team. My only way to stop that would be the salary cap.
What’s wrong with forming super teams. I think you should try and build a super team and go out and win titles. Though if you can keep some degree of fairness to stop it from just being blowout after blowout and having the same team win all the time that would be nice to.
Fun think about sports though is that the best team doesn’t always win. The underdog after gets their day and upsets the super team it challenges. Sports are not won on paper they are won on the court, or field. Singing the best free agents doesn’t guarantee you win the championship, or even make the playoffs. Case and point this season with the Washington Mystic’s who only made it to the semi-finals after having the best offseason. Yes, they made the playoffs and had more success than past years, but still didn’t win it all.

Drafts are part of the fun, they are a major event for fans. It would be losing out on a great marketing tool to get rid of the draft.
They system isn’t perfect, but at least give it a try to see if it works. Then if not just vote to change it.

NBA POP Preview

By S. Samek

In this post, I talked about how NFL Legends were getting the pop treatment. I also mentioned how I would love to see other sports follow this lead and get pops too.

The NBA is the next sport to join in. Granted they did have a prior wave, but now we see additions for the first time in years.
Kevin Durant headlines with Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, Karl-Anthony Towns, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Chris Paul, James Harden, Kristaps Porzingis, John Wall, Kawhi Lenard, Anthony Davis, Damián Lillard and Klay Thompson. Demar DeRozan also as a Canadian exclusive at Grosnor.


I’m not a big fan of these. They just look kind of generic and plain. That and I’m not a huge NBA fan. Second, I find it funny that a couple may need new paint jobs after a recent blockbuster deal.
Also, to see no Lonzo Ball. The kid is everywhere and I’m sure any PR he can get he wants. Having another piece of merchandise with himself on it would be a good thing. O well, I can see him being added to the next wave, especially if he has a strong rookie campaign.
If you’re a fan of these players by all means add them to your collection. NBA fans in general should add them to. Outside of those audiences I wouldn’t bother with them. I know I won’t pick them up even on clearance.
Still glad to see Funko expanding with sports pops. Just need to reboot the MLB line to make me really happy.

Return of Mayo

NBA player wants to return after suspension to former team.

By S. Samek

O.J Mayo of the Milwaukee Bucks is serving a two-year ban. The reason violating the NBA’s substance abuse policy. Mayo has been smoking marijuana and abused proscription pain medications. Now he wants to return to his former team. After just a year.

Mayo is trying to get in playing shape and looking for reinstatement to the league. Upon receiving it he would he an unrestricted free agent. He can’t apply for reinstatement until July, 1,2018 though.

Mayo averaged 7.8 points with 2.9 assists and 2.6 rebounds per game. The points total was a career low.

Mayo is a former first round pick in 2008 of the Minnesota Timberwolves. During eight years in the NBA, Mayo averaged 13.8 points in 547 games. The rebounds were at 3.1 per game and assists at 2.9. The numbers are decent and could earn him a look.

 There is interest in Mayo playing oversees. At the moment, he hasn’t received any deals yet. Should this not be the case, he has a trainer and coach to work with.

I could see him getting another shot if he stays clean. One bad season can be overcome. Working to keep him off the drugs would be a challenge, but can be done. Basketball maybe the best way to do it.


Breaking up a Dynamic Duo

By S. Samek

The Cleveland Cavilers have it set. You have an NBA championship and a finals appreances the past two years. You have Lebron James, the potential greatest player of all-time. Kyrie Irving a high-level lottery pick and dynamic player compliments James. Then they went and signed former MVP Derrick Rose. . Life looks good if you’re the Cavs.

Conversely, Irving decides he wants a trade. . He seems most interested in going to New York.

Not what you’re looking for if you want another championship.

I figure why in the world would he want to leave Cleveland.  In less you went to Golden State. There Irving would have to contend with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant as far as being the number one player on the floor. Why not just stick with being the number two guy behind Lebron.

Especially if you want to win championships. Golden State and Cleveland look to have the edge for years to come as far as having talent in place that laps the field.

Maybe adding a piece like Irving could transcend a team, but no guarantees. .

 The question is though does a team have enough assets to trade for him. This would be for a team that wants to win now. Numerous teams have been mentioned looking to acquire him.

I don’t see this trade happening in less a king’s ransom is in it for Cleveland.  Kyrie stays and contends with the Lebron and hits free agency in a couple years and can bolt then.