Breaking up a Dynamic Duo

By Steve Samek

The Cleveland Cavilers have it set. You have an NBA championship and a finals appreances the past two years. You have Lebron James, the potential greatest player of all-time. Kyrie Irving a high-level lottery pick and dynamic player compliments James. Then they went and signed former MVP Derrick Rose. Life looks good if you’re the Cavs.

Conversely, Irving decides he wants a trade. . He seems most interested in going to New York.

Not what you’re looking for if you want another championship.

I figure why in the world would he want to leave Cleveland.  In less you went to Golden State. There Irving would have to contend with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant as far as being the number one player on the floor. Why not just stick with being the number two guy behind Lebron.

Especially if you want to win championships. Golden State and Cleveland look to have the edge for years to come as far as having talent in place that laps the field.

Maybe adding a piece like Irving could transcend a team, but no guarantees.

 The question is though does a team have enough assets to trade for him. This would be for a team that wants to win now. Numerous teams have been mentioned looking to acquire him.

I don’t see this trade happening in less a king’s ransom is in it for Cleveland.  Kyrie stays and contends with the Lebron and hits free agency in a couple years and can bolt then.



Summer Jams

NBA Summer happenings.

By Steve Samek

The NBA has named a champion. The draft is coming to a close and its, not quite time for training camp and summer league. Still need a basketball fix check this out.

Ice Cube has started a 3 on 3 league called Big3. Each team features former NBA players as captains and coaches.  Each team as a full roster and unique logo and uniform. Eight teams make up the league.


To make things more interesting the league also offers a fantasy option for fans. A bit ridiculous why not. Though a positive note is the format is set up like a tour. Numerous cities get to host games, leading up to the championship in Vegas. Kids under 13 can get in free with an adult ticket purchase as another nice gesture of the league.

Games are competitive too. In the opening weekend, all three games were under 10 points in differential. With two games having a margin of victory under five.

Another option for hoops this summer is the Champions League.  This league has 16 entrants. The league also emphasizes fans and celebrates and former NBA players. For example, Snoop Dog serving as an owner and commissioner in the league.  Which is super cool, seeing that Snoop has experience running his own football youth league and is being active in this new league. LA fans can also try their hand at being an owner in this league as stated here.

This league is standard five on five action. Tickets are very fan friendly. A $25-dollar seat also includes a meet and greet and a youth shoot around with the pros. The league is also dedicated to charitable endeavors throughout the year. A very fan friendly experience that I hope really takes off. It always seems like players are inaccessible to fans. This is paying the fans back for their loyalty and support I fully approve of these leagues.

Lakers and the Super Team

Could LA be the Next Golden State.

by Steve Samek

Lots of shock coming from the days leading up to the NBA draft. No team seems to be getting hit like The La Lakers. The Lakers hold the number two pick in the daft for the third year in a row. Last year the Lakers went with Brandon Ingram and the year before that D’Angelo Russell. The intent to use them as corner stones of the rebuild.

This will not be the case Russell has been shipped to the Brooklyn Nets along with Timofey Mozgov. The return Brook Lopez and pick number 27 for 2017. The move looks to be for salary cap room as the Lakers have been trying to get Paul George from Indiana. Lebron James and Russell Westbrook are also big name free agents on the Lakers radar for 2018. Letting Mozgov and Russell go saves LA around 22 Million for next summer.

The Lakers also lost Nick Young to free agency. Young elected not to sign and test the market after four seasons with LA. Young averaged about 13 points a game for the Purple and Yellow and made 71 starts. Though by not picking up the option the Lakers save $5.7 million.
The popular pick for the Lakers at number two is Lonzo Ball from UCLA. Though the Lakers have also worked out possible number one pick Markelle Fultz.

According to recent mock drafts that is the case. It would play well for the Lakers to take ball, as he is a local guy from UCLA and a great talent. With a swagger to match. Even going so far as to try and recruit James to join him in LA, before he has been officially drafted by the Lakers. Bold move, premature, but bold.

The other pick at number 27 seems to be expendable for George and has played out in numerous scenarios for him. So, the Lakers may not have made all their moves yet. Stay tuned, but the plan is  to contend for serious in 2018.