Super Bowl Picks


All right this is it. The final game of the NFL season ,the Super Bowl. This is the last game I have to pick a winner for. The matchup is the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. This is after I went 2-0 picking the conference championship games. For the playoff round of pick them I sit at 6-4.

So as much as it pains me too, I’m taking New England. I really don’t think Philadelphia is  going to pull out anything to stop them, sand getting super lucky.

I’m taking New England by a 31-14 score.




2018 NFL Conference Champ Pics


Wow what a weekend. With two of the divisional round games going down to the wire and featuring quite the comeback and  another come back fall short,it was definitely  an exciting weekend for the NFL.

Unfortunately, both of these  happenings led me to taking losses in my picks for the week.  Finishing once again 2-2 for the week, making me 4-4 in the playoffs.

Here are my picks for the team that will match up in the Super Bowl.

Vikings @ Eagles

Jaguars @ Patriots

Yep, being boring and going with the two one seeds.

2018 NFL Wild Card Picks


NFL 2018 playoff picks. Wild Card round.

Each week of the season Hammer Down gave their predictions for the winner of each NFL game. We did rather well finishing 162-89 despite a 7-9 showing during the last week of the season.

Now we move on to the playoffs and the final 12 teams, all with one goal in mind, a Super Bowl win.

First up is the Wildcard weekend. I’ll take my picks for the winners below.


Titans @ Chiefs


Falcons @ Rams


Bills @ Jaguars


Panthers @ Saints







Week 17 Pick Them


12-2 in week 16, 155-80 overall.

Redskins @ Giants

Jets @ Patriots

Bears @ Vikings

Packers @ Lions

Texans @ Colts

Browns @ Steelers

Cowboys @ Eagles

49ers @ Rams

Raiders @ Chargers

Chiefs @ Broncos

Jaguars @ Titans

Saints @ Buccaneers

Bills @ Dolphins

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Panthers @ Falcons

Bengals @ Ravens











Pick Them Week 15


7-9 week 14, 130-75 overall

Broncos @ Colts

Bears @ Lions

Chargers @ Chiefs

Texans @ Jaguars

Ravens @ Browns

Packers @ Panthers

Dolphins @ Bills

Bengals @ Vikings

Cardinals @ Redskins

Eagles @ Giants

Jets @ Saints

Rams @ Seahawks

Titans @ 49ers

Patriots @ Steelers

Cowboys @ Raiders

Falcons @ Buccaneers






Pick Them Week 14


Through week 14 13-3 week 13 and 123-66.

Saints @ Falcons

Colts @ Bills

Cowboys @ Giants

Lions @ Buccaneers

Raiders @ Chiefs

49ers @ Texans

Packers @ Browns

Bears @ Bengals

Vikings @ Panthers

Redskins @ Chargers

Jets @ Broncos

Titans @ Cardinals

Eagles @ Rams

Seahawks @ Jaguars

Ravens @ Steelers

Patriots @ Dolphins