Steelers Record Prediction

By S. Samek

ESPN has the Pittsburgh Steelers predicted at a 12-4 record for this season.

They have them beating everyone, except Detroit, Baltimore Cincinnati and Kansas City. Yet they have been picked to beat New England and Green Bay.
I disagree with this record.
I can’t see them losing to both Detroit and Kansas City. Detroit is projected to win eight games. They may have Matthew Stafford, but is he enough to beat Ben Roethlisberger head to head. I don’t think so.
Kansas has a 10-win projection. This one could be a close game, but I see Pittsburgh winning it. Even on the road Pittsburgh can win. They did it last year in the playoffs and can do it in a less pressure filled game during the regular season.
I wouldn’t pick Pittsburgh over New England. The Patriots almost always have their number n matter where they play.
Green Bay is another team that won’t die with ease. I could see them coming into Pittsburgh and beating us like they did in the super bowl. Don’t circle it as an automatic loss, but don’t be surprised if it happens.
Splitting with Baltimore and Cincinnati are common occurrences. I think both would be very likely to happen.
Note the picks were related to quarterback over and under in a tier average. Big Ben had one of the best marks behind only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in this stat. Yet, both of these teams are predicted as wins for Pittsburgh. Makes no sense to me.

Quarterback play alone isn’t always the key to victory. So, this is mostly just a for fun pick. I do agree with the 12-4 mark maybe even 13-3, or 11-5, but no worse than that. I just don’t think it will be in the manor picked in the article.



Holy Toledo Part Two

More from My trip to Toledo.

By S. Samek


That’s a strike



Downtown view


View from behind the plate


Mash Fans its for you


Scoreboard Shot


I got it statue







Holy Toledo

By S. Samek

Took the weekend and visited Toledo. Here are some pictures from my tip to visit the world famous Toledo Mud Hens.

Copy of the Game Program.
Hat for the collection. Road version


Give away of the night: Fidget Spinner


Night shot.




PWBA Finals Predictions

By S. Samek

This is it folks, the PWBA season is coming to an end. All the stands in the way is the season ending Tour championship event.
The 16 best from the tour go at it one more time for the ultimate in bragging rights. September 3-6 2017 at Richmond Race Way. The selections came from all the tournament winners and the season points list.

The matches are in a bracket format and best of five single elimination.
Liz Johnson the player of the year by points is top seed. She earns byes into the semi-finals along with second seed Kelly Kulick. Third ranked Diana Zavjalova and forth ranked Danielle McEwan also receive a bye each.
In round one fifth seeded Shannon O’Keefe battles 16 seed Birgit Poppler. Six seed Shannon Pluhowsky goes against 15 seed Stefanie Johnson. Other matches can be viewed in the bracket.

I don’t predict many if any upsets here. I can see a Liz Johnson versus Kelly Kulick final match for it all. Though I also won’t be surprised if the three, or four seeds advance to the finals too. My money would be on Zavjalova to beat Kulick, over McEwan over Johnson.
Though for a total wild card try Stefanie Johnson. She beat Liz in a recent match on her way to the Orlando open win. Other than that, look for upsets to be kept to a minimum.
Stay tuned to see who brings home the gold.




Steelers Happenings

By S. Samek

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been busy the past couple of days. Roster additions and honorees being the tasks at hand.
The first class of the new hall of honor was announced recently. 27 former members of the Black and Gold make up this team. The class is as follows. Jerome Bettis, Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw, Jack Butler, Dermontti Dawson, Bill Dudley, Joe Greene, Kevin Greene, L.C. Greenwood, Jack Ham, Franco Harris, Dick Hoak, John Henry Johnson, Walt Keisling, Jack Lambert, Bobby Layne, John McNally, Chuck Noll, Arthur J. Rooney, Sr., Daniel M. Rooney, Andy Russell, Donnie Shell, John Stallworth, Ernie Stautner, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, and Rod Woodson.

It’s an awesome idea and I can’t wait to see who all enters. My vote though is Heath Miller when he meets the requirement for retirement should. He was a great guy and a champion as a player. The impact Miller made was for sure notable.

As for roster moves, two went down. The first was trading for a new tight end. Vance McDonald comes over from San Francisco with a fifth-round pick for a 2018 fourth round pick. I must admit the move confused me at first, think they were set with Jesse James. Yet you didn’t give up much to get better. You get a former second round pick with 64 receptions, 866 yards and seven touchdowns in three seasons. I could see him benefitting from having a better quarterback at the helm.

The second is the signing of Joe Haden the corner back from Cleveland. Corner has been one of the deficiencies for the Steelers the past couple of years. Haden is a former pro bowler and annoys A.J Green, of the Cincinnati Bengals. This helps out against a division rival in games that could have playoff implications. Welcome addition for sure.


NBA POP Preview

By S. Samek

In this post, I talked about how NFL Legends were getting the pop treatment. I also mentioned how I would love to see other sports follow this lead and get pops too.

The NBA is the next sport to join in. Granted they did have a prior wave, but now we see additions for the first time in years.
Kevin Durant headlines with Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, Karl-Anthony Towns, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Chris Paul, James Harden, Kristaps Porzingis, John Wall, Kawhi Lenard, Anthony Davis, Damián Lillard and Klay Thompson. Demar DeRozan also as a Canadian exclusive at Grosnor.


I’m not a big fan of these. They just look kind of generic and plain. That and I’m not a huge NBA fan. Second, I find it funny that a couple may need new paint jobs after a recent blockbuster deal.
Also, to see no Lonzo Ball. The kid is everywhere and I’m sure any PR he can get he wants. Having another piece of merchandise with himself on it would be a good thing. O well, I can see him being added to the next wave, especially if he has a strong rookie campaign.
If you’re a fan of these players by all means add them to your collection. NBA fans in general should add them to. Outside of those audiences I wouldn’t bother with them. I know I won’t pick them up even on clearance.
Still glad to see Funko expanding with sports pops. Just need to reboot the MLB line to make me really happy.

PBA Update

Eventful weekend in pro bowling.

By S. Samek

What a recent wave of PBA competition. Lots of trophies being awarded to players on tour.
First off is the PBA Xtra Frame Kenn-Feld Classic. In the four-man stepladder it was Joe Baily, Jason Sterner, Chris Via and Rhino Page. Baily lost the opening match to Sterner, who then faced off against Page.
Page was victorious and Met up with tournament leader Via. Via was looking for his first title, while Page was looking for his first in a while. In a low scoring tough conditions match, it wasn’t decided till the tenth frame. Page struck in the tenth, while only needing seven to win the match. The win gave him his fifth career title.


Page is having a bit of a resurgence. He was rookie of the year and a rising star before an injury. Good to see him come back and win.

EJ Tackett continues to win as well. The current player of the year was named the Storm Cup winner during the same event.
The Storm Cup was a seven-event swing that gave points for performance in the tournaments, with a cash prize going to the best overall player at the end. Tackett led by nine points going in and earned two more for his 19th place finish. No one else close to him earned enough points to best him. Giving Tackett the win and $20,000.
Tackett is the man on tour right now. He has such a bright future ahead of him, that should be hall of fame worthy. He just needs to keep winning.


Then we have two handed wonder Jason Belmonte. Belmonte picked up his third title of the season and number 15 overall with a win at the PBA-WBT Storm Lucky Larsen Masters in Sweden. He defeated Cameron Weir a former college star to win it all.
Hard to believe it’s only title 15 for Belmonte. Guy just dominates the tour.

PBA should have a lot more to come stay tuned.