PBA Oil Patterns Update


Despite not being the most popular sport anymore bowling is achiving a big milestone. The PBA tour has lasted 60 seasons in 2017-2018. To mark this occasion a bit of change is in order. Namely the oil patterns.
16 patterns will be used during the events of the 2017-2018 season. Eight of them are designated as animal patterns, seven has legends and one more for the Chris Paul tournament. Three of the legends are for major tournament play. Two of these are brand new patterns, while some have been readjusted.
The Chris Paul is named after the NBA player and Bowling ambassador. It is said to play like a typical house shot you would see during league, or open play. It should make for some high scoring numbers.
The dragon is the newest animal pattern. It sits at 45 feet in length and is designed to be on the harder side to play and score well.

The Cheetah at 33 feet, chameleon at 39, Scorpion 42, Shark 45, Earl Anthony 42, Don Johnson 40 pattern, Carmen Salvino 44, Dick Weber 45, Mark Roth 42 Wolf 33, Viper 36, Bear 39 and Johnny Petraglia 36 patterns join up to finish the set of oil patterns. The badger at 52 feet is out of the rotation and has an unknown status.

I like how the PBA is changing it up. It makes it more challenging to have new patterns. Rearranging the patterns can also make it harder and more competitive as players try to adjust to the changes. All the patterns can be seen here.



Wild Card Predicts 2017


As the calendar tunes from September to October it means its football season right. Not quite as its baseball playoff time. The first game of the playoffs goes down tonight with the American League Wild Card Game.

This matchup is the Twins and Yankees. The Twins seem to be big under dogs in this one. The Yankees seem to have an advantage at most of the positions on the field.

The Bronx Bombers also won six games more than the Twinkies. During the most recent series between the two It was New York sweeping a three-game set.

The Pitching matchup seems to be getting the most attention. The Yankees are sending Luis Severino against Ervin Santana. Severino is dominate with a 2.98 era against Santana’s 3.36. It’s not a huge difference, but maybe just enough of an edge to give the Yanks the win.

If era isn’t it would be the stakeout numbers. Severino sends hitters back to the dugout at almost a 30 percent clip. This is ten percent better than Santana. That’s about a third of Twins hitters not getting on base. You don’t get on base you don’t score. No runs scored, you don’t win the game.

Santana doesn’t also fare well in Yankee stadium. He is 0-5 with a 6.43 era there.

Minnesota does have Byron Buxton to watch though. Buxton hit .253 with 16 homers and 51 rbi during the year. However, he is hitless against Severino.

New York counter punches with Aaron Judge. Judge had 52 long balls this season while hitting .284.

Gary Sanchez also has 33 homers for New York, making there no shortage of power for the Yankees. Santana has also given up seven homers while pitching in Yankee stadium, so there’s plenty to be worried about if you’re a Twins fan.
Yankees win this one.
In the second wild card game the National League has the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks.
Arizona won 93 games to Colorado’s 87 games. Both finishing behind the 104-win Dodgers. It’s the same Dodgers that loom on the horizon for the winner of this game.
Colorado should make this a competitive game with big hitters such as Charlie Blackman, Noland Arenado and Carlos Gomez. Gomez has homered five times and has 14 hits in 42 at bats against Zac Greinke, who looks to get the ball for Arizona.

The Snakes have Paul Goldschmidt and a resurging J.D Martinez to help power them. This should be enough to overcome the Rockies. This one should be close though.


Ray Lewis Statue


The NFL had an interesting weekend to say the least. It doesn’t seem like the news of the national anthem kneeling’s is going away anytime soon.
Amongst the kneelers was ex-player Ray Lewis, who took the field to kneel with Ravens teammates. This being the first such case of ex-players doing so.

As a result of this an online petition has been started to take out a statue of Lewis from Raven Stadium. The petition has over 39,000 signatures as of September 27,2017 afternoon. This is from people not liking him taking the knee.

Though it’s funny how over a month ago Lewis was telling Colin Kaepernick to stay away from the social activism.

I would stand with the petitioners. Not because of the kneeling, or stance on social activism though.

It’s because Lewis should be in jail. Lewis did have double murder charges dropped.

Then he was allowed back to the NFL and played a total of 13 years with Baltimore. So if you want to glorify Lewis for being involved with criminal activity go ahead and leave the statue up.

If your just doing this in response to the kneeling, which they have every right to do no matter what you think of it then no, it’s outrageous.


Rick Pitino Out


To build a strong athletics team you need good coaching and strong players. Ones that will do anything to have success at the sport. Sometimes this comes with not playing by the rules as a way to achieve victory on the field.
Recently there was a bribing scandal in the NCAA involving an Adidas executive and four assistant coaches. One of these schools under investigation is Louisville.
Because of this investigation Louisville has decided to put head men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino on administrative leave.
Louisville’s athletic director Tom Jurich was placed on paid administrative leave as well.
This isn’t the first time the Cardinals have made headlines off the court. A 2015 scandal may result in a forfeit of the 2013 national title. A 2010 incident involving extortion also took place.
Pitino was a good coach in terms of getting results. He owns a .744 winning percentage sense 2001-2002. Three of those seasons he led the Cardinals to the final four.

It will be tough to replace him for sure. However, it was best to see him go. It’s not the first, or even second time something like this has happened to the program. Best if they just let him go and figure this whole mess out.

Then get a new coach and have the players focus on playing basketball. Louisville looks to still be able to contend for a top 10 spot in the nation, even without their head coach. They also had the seventh best odds at 15-1 to win this seasons title going into the season. This could change after Pitino got fired. The season starts on Oct. 30 against Kentucky Wesleyan for the Cardinals.

Minor League Championship Games

By S. Samek

The triple -a baseball season wrapped up for the 2017 campaign on September 19,2017. The matchup for the level championship was the Durham Bulls and Memphis Cardinals. Th champs of the International League Durham won it thanks to a big grand slam by Kean Wong in a 5-3 victory.

As I was looking on twitter I saw a tweet asking why the other levels of the minors didn’t have national championship games. I figured it would be something to look into.
I think that it would be a good idea to see championships be played at other levels of the minors. It gives teams another game to play for a championship. If nothing else it’s a couple extra at bats and innings thrown for your pitcher. No down side really. Sure, injuries may occur. But these always a risk of those anytime you play.
If anything, you would think that the Triple A game wouldn’t be played. This is because most September call ups occur from Triple A. So, a decision is in play to call up players for the big club, or stay pat and try to win a triple a title. Double A players may get called up as will some high a players. Levels lower than this shouldn’t have this issue.

One issue though is the number of leagues.

Triple A has two leagues in the states, so they just play. Double A and High A have three. Class A and short season have two apiece, while rookie has five leagues. So, would the other leagues, just take the best two records, or play a round robin. I think that would be the hardest choice to make. Which team gets to host said game could be an issue to. I would just solve that simply by rotating it between leagues.
Plus, if it’s only one game, or even a round robin it’s only an extra day at most. A double header could be played with the three entrant classes and it would be over without elongating the season. Giving players time to relax before fall leagues and instructs. Call ups would then be able to join the MLB clubs for at least a solid month of development.
I’m all for more baseball and a chance to see elite prospects more times. A championship game for each class would give that opportunity. Make it happen MILB.

Week Four Pick Them

S. Samek

Last week as a bit of a rough go. For the first time this season I went below the .500 mark at  7-9. Overall I sit at 26-19 in the games I picked. Here’s to getting back on the winning track in week four.

Bears @ Packers

Saints @Dolphins

Titans @Texans

Jaguars @ Jets

Panthers @Patriots

Lions @Vikings

Bills @Falcons

Steelers @ Ravens

Bengals @Browns

Rams @Cowboys

Eagles @Chargers

Giants @Buccaneers

49ers @Cardinals

Raiders @ Broncos

Colts @ Seahawks

Redskins @ Chiefs

Top 10 Pirate Logos

By S. Samek

September 19 is Talk like a pirate day. In honor of it we take a look at some of the best Pirate themed logos in sports. The ten are ranked on how fierce and cool they look. As those would be the best way to describe Pirates.

10. Louisiana Swashbucklers.

9. Portland Pirates.

8. East Carolina Pirates.

7.Florida Marine Raiders.

6. Erie Seawolves.

5. Norwich Navigators.

4.Okland Raiders.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates.

2.Milwakee Admirals.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.