2018 Plans


2017 wraps up another calendar year and another year at Hammer Down Sports.


So I figured why not take a look at what was accomplished during 2017 and look forward to 2018.


Hammer Down could have been dead in early 2017. After a  couple  months of limbo and an unsuccessful campaign to recruit more writers to stay on I had to make a choice. I picked keeping the blog running solo.


Yet, I felt that was a positive motivator. I would have to keep up with the blog if I wanted it to go anywhere. I was ultimately in charge of the success and failure of the project. It connected me on a deeper level with a project I had grown to love over the course of the year when it was started.


I would also say with the change in leadership came a change in style. I felt it was a bit more regimented and stricter in the adherence to AP style and a more academic style of writing before. Now I still try to stick with that same style to keep in practice,but have lightened it up a little with posts like top tens and the football picks.



Which I feel is better for the blog. It adds more to the variety of topics and post styles. It improves my versatility as a writer showing depth to do both the long and the short topics. It makes things more fun. Sports are fun so why shouldn’t writing about them be fun.


I think the number of posts made was an impressive number for 2017. We had multiple months of 20 plus posts and most months had at least ten. I hope to keep up a similar level of posting in 2018 with 20 plus posts being my goal for all months.

Traffic to the site was decent during the year. We had some good months as far as viewer numbers were concerned.  Yet at times I felt I could do a better job of advertising the site. Our social media numbers haven’t been great and I would like to change that in the new year.

The sites Facebook and twitter are here if you would want to check them out. Follows on WordPress are also much appreciated.


Typically I share updates from the site on the social medias, so if your looking for the latest from Hammer Down check them out. Though I plan on mixing some stuff up with the operations of them to make things so its worth following both accounts. Stay tuned to see what the are.

2018 looks to be a strong upswing for the blog and I hope you stay tuned to read some great content.


Most importantly Thank You. Thank you to all the fans, readers and supporters of this blog. Without your support the blog doesn’t run. I wish you the best in 2018 and again appreciate any support of the site in 2018.


Logo Mania 2017

By S. Samek

The chase for supremacy once again hits minor league baseball. This time in the form of Logomania 2017. A contest of 36 teams and four rounds naming one champ the best logo in minor league baseball. Here is how I voted in the first round of the contest and my thoughts on the included teams.
Pool A
This pool features three good logos fighting for two spots in the next round. The Carolina Mudcats is a classic goofy logo that is much loved. The Biloxi Shuckers have made some waves sense rebranding from the Huntsville Stars. Either of these fine aquatic themes offering should end up advancing to the second round as pool A’s runner up. Beloit has a slightly better than average logo, but it’s in a strong pool and should not advance. So many negative points to whoever though to include the likes of the Charleston River dogs and Buffalo Bison in this tournament. They are so boring and uncreative that they don’t deserve a shot at the best logo title. The easy winner here is Montgomery. The Biscuits are the original food themed logo. Take that Lehigh Valley and Fresno.  They will make you laugh and take the title belt with it. Vote Montgomery.


Pool B
Corpus Christi
El Paso
Las Vegas
This is the strong, but not strong enough bracket. With the likes of Threshers, Hooks, Chihuahua’s, Hops, Emeralds and 51’s in the house. Each with great local flare, but not really well known nationally. Except maybe the infamous little doggies. I vote for the aliens to back up the pups in this one. Vote El Paso
Pool C
Quirky meets classic in this bracket. Mr. Moon of Ashville graces a glow in the dark cap that does look really cool. A horse meets Rocky in another option. Famous Bulls put the classic in this grouping. Combined with a new rebrand effort, a weird look and a United States President and you have a pool C where anything can happen. Two of these names I talked about here and I agree with my thoughts today as I did before. Frisco owns the president on the cap and Teddy Roosevelt does hit hard in this competition. My vote goes to the RoughRiders over the most likely picked Jumbo Shrimp. Vote Frisco
Pool D
Salt Lake
A very underwhelming selection of teams. A standard script R logo yawn. A bee, a bear, an anchor, try no. An Isotope and the RubberDucks should be the picks to move on. I vote for the one mentioned on a long running cartoon. Vote Albuquerque.
Pool E
A bracket that looks underwhelming at first. The Red Wings and Chiefs are a weak start to this bracket. The next four redeem this bracket. Nuts, Raptors, Lake Monsters and Flying Squirrels make this a tough pick. Lake Monsters advance as does Richmond. My vote goes to the super hero Squirrel. Vote Richmond
Pool F
New Orleans
Save the best for last as the saying goes. This bracket will see two strong players come out of it. Lansing, Portland and Reno could be sleeper picks to advance and surprise people. Hartford and Norfolk also look impressive, yet retain a certain comedy to them. As for New Orleans please do yourself a favor and not rebrand to something stupid. Read more there. Voting here for a tasteful rebrand. Vote Norfolk.
You can vote in the contest to crown a champion here.