Hood Sits



Can’t forget about the NBA playoffs. It fact I know I have wrongly predicted the Cleveland Cavilers would lose to Toronto.


In fact, Cleveland dominated them in a sweep.

So, coming out of game four is something pretty crazy. Rodney Hood, a guard refused to go out onto the floor during the fourth quarter of the game. This was in a garbage time situation not a close game.

Apparently, Hood isn’t fitting to well in Cleveland and has seen his playing time decrease. It hasn’t been over discipline issues, just lack of performance.

People must be up in arms over this asking for some action be taken on the part of the Cavs. Cleveland announced it isn’t doing anything about it.

Seems far to me, if he doesn’t want to play don’t make him. Its not like he’s a major player anyway.

I also like how he’s going to be a free agent this year. See if any times want his services after this


Sweet 16 2018 Bracket.


Well my indent was to go round by round with my bracket picks. However  after round one I just said to heck with it after my bracket was busted.

So I went with an idea based off ESPN and have a second chance Bracket. These are my picks for the sweet 16 all the way to the finals.

9Kansas State


Then In Kentucky Loyola-Chicago game I’M taking The Wildcats.

Kentucky is the south region champ.

9Florida State

7Texas A&M

In the west we see another seven and another nine seed still alive. Yet I’m sticking with the best seed still in with Michigan to advance to the final four.


5West Virginia

3Texas Tech

This is the most exciting part of the bracket to watch by seeding. Upsets haven’t ravaged this bracket. Yet I think the kings of this region are coming in with the highest seed. WVU takes a trip to the final four via some country roads.



This is a bracket of powerhouses. Each of these games should be close. Yet I think Kansas stands tall  as the only one seed to make a final four.

I’m then taking Kansas to win it all. They dispatch WVU and Kentucky to do so.





Well it’s called March madness for a reason.

UMBC, That’s the University of Maryland Baltimore County out of the America East conference has done the unthinkable. Took down a one seed as a 16 seed. First time this has ever happened.


They didn’t win a close one, or lucky one either. Nope a no doubter 20-point win. Just to be sure you remember them.

So, congratulations on a historic win. Congrats again on screwing over like every bracket in America.

I do really think this is a fluke. I like how they are 10-point underdogs in a match with Kansas State. While the win was impressive I don’t see K State underestimating them. So really this upset was a fairly moot point. Granted it could be seen as a starting point, or an exceeds expectations type of season. Yet if you don’t win it all why does it matter.

So, celebrate, then get out of the tournament. Stop messing up more brackets. This was a lucky victory that no one expected, but don’t bet the house on another one.






2018 Bracket Round of 64


I’ll do something a bit different when picking a bracket. I’m not going to make a full one and just go round by round. Grated my picks will be shown here so I will know how well I did and can show I’m not cheating. Then again not in it for any gain only fun. So here are my picks for winners in the round of 64.

South Region

(1) Virginia (31-2)
(16) UMBC (24-10)
(8) Creighton (21-11)
(9) Kansas State (22-11)
(5) Kentucky (24-10)
(12) Davidson (21-11)
(4) Arizona (27-7)
(13) Buffalo (26-8)
(6) Miami (FL) (22-9)
(11) Loyola-Chicago (28-5)
(3) Tennessee (25-8)
(14) Wright St. (25-9)
(7) Nevada (27-7)
(10) Texas (19-14)
(2) Cincinnati (30-4)
(15) Georgia St. (24-10)


East Region
(1) Villanova (30-4)
(16) LIU-Brooklyn/Radford
(8) Virginia Tech (21-11)
(9) Alabama (19-15)
(5) West Virginia (24-10)
(12) Murray State (26-5)
(4) Wichita State (25-7)
(13) Marshall (24-10)
(6) Florida (20-12)
(11) St. Bonaventure/UCLA
(3) Texas Tech (24-9)
(14) Stephen F. Austin (28-6)
(7) Arkansas (23-11)
(10) Butler (20-13)
(2) Purdue (28-6)
(15) CS Fullerton (20-11)

(1) Kansas (27-7)
(16) Penn (24-8)
(8) Seton Hall (21-11)
(9) NC State (21-11)
(5) Clemson (23-9)
(12) New Mexico St. (28-5)
(4) Auburn (25-7)
(13) Charleston (26-7)
(6) TCU (21-11)
(11) Arizona St./Syracuse
(3) Michigan St. (29-4)
(14) Bucknell (25-9)
(7) Rhode Island (25-7)
(10) Oklahoma (18-13)
(2) Duke (26-7)
(15) Iona (20-13)


West Region
(1) Xavier (22-5)
(16) NC Central/Texas So.
(8) Missouri (20-12)
(9) Florida St. (20-11)
(5) Ohio St. (24-8)
(12) South Dakota St. (28-6)
(4) Gonzaga (30-4)
(13) UNC Greensboro (27-7)
(6) Houston (26-7)
(11) San Diego St. (22-10)
(3) Michigan (28-7)
(14) Montana (26-7)
(7) Texas A&M (20-12)
(10) Providence (21-13)
(2) North Carolina (25-10)
(15) Lipscomb (23-9)


Stallings Fired


All I can say is it’s about time.

The University of Pittsburgh has announced head men’s basketball coach Kevin Stallings has been fired.

Stalling was at Pitt for two seasons, in which the Panthers failed to make any postseason tournament. Last season Stallings went 16-17 an underwhelming season. This year he went 8-24 including an 0-19 mark in ACC play. This is the worst Pitts season ever. No other team in division one didn’t win a conference game


It wasn’t even close to a good season. Most of Pitt’s conference loses hurt. They got blown out game after game being beaten by 20-30 points. Only four games were decided by ten points or less. They scored just seven points in a half against Virginia.



Grated yes it was a Pitt roster with a lot of turnover and young players. I don’t see that as an excuse though as many freshmen led teams do perfectly well. Getting blown out week in and out has to come from either being mismatched, or a lack of leadership at the top.



Yes, Pitt plays in the ACC, which is a tough conference, but something still has to give. You can still challenge top tier teams. It just seems to me like Stallings is failing to motivate his team as even an 8-5 out of conference record seems pretty bad. Especially with some of the schools they lost too like Penn State and Montana.

I’m just not seeing anything positive Stallings did to keep his spot. The culture shifted under him from Jamie Dixon’s winning ways to losing a lot. Glad to see him go and it should be interesting to see who takes his place.



Los Vegas Aces


Move over Vegas Golden Knights, you are no longer the only professional sports team in sin city.

The WNBA is adding the Los Vegas Aces for the 2018 season. This is the relocation of the San Antonio Stars.


I really like this move. Vegas is a big sports town without the teams to match. This gives them a second sports team in a professional league, before the Oakland Raiders come to town. Gives sports fans another option other than hockey ,or minor league baseball.


Basketball does have a good shot of success in Vegas. The NBA hosts the summer league there, the Reno Big Horns of the G League set up shop not far away.


This summers Big3 summer league hosted the championships there.


Plus, the Mountain West Conference hosts their tournament for basketball at the Thomas and Mack Center, home to UNLV hoops.


It also puts the Aces out of the shadow of the Spurs. With the Stars struggling and the Spurs almost always in the playoffs, it could be easy to see where the Stars could be ignored.

Vegas doesn’t have pro basketball so there’s only one ticket in town for that.


The name is pretty solid. It goes well with the gambling nature of Vegas. However, what a boring logo. I do like the red, silver and black color scheme and it does look like the logo has a metallic look to it which is cool. Yet, its mostly a bunch of triangles. Boring and not something I want to wear on a t-shirt.


They could have done a better job of playing with the cities gambling theme in the logo, but it wasn’t done.

Though buzz for this team is high. They have a new coach in Bill Laimbeer. They also hold the number one pick in the WNBA draft.


This is the second year in a row for them to draft in the number one slot, with which the then Stars selected Kelsey Plum.


Wishing the Aces best of luck this season. This is a great move and I hope it works well for future expansion in the WNBA.







Ball Family Strikes Again.


The Ball family strikes again. Not for reasons in a positive light either.


The big announcement is that Liangelo Ball has been pulled out of UCLA. Liangelo hasn’t played in any games for the Bruins this year. He will look to transfer. This comes after an incident in which Liangelo was suspended indefinitely for shoplifting during a team trip to China.


I guess it makes sense to me to explore other options if you’re not going to play. Yet it was his own fault for shoplifting as to why he got suspended.

Yet Lavar Ball will let his youngest son Lamelo commit to UCLA just like Lonzo Ball did.

The Los Angeles Lakers announced a rule that plan to enforce. This is that no media member may congregate outside of the section designated for family members and associates of players.

The rule has been dubbed the Lavar Ball rule after the infamous father did an on -court interview on opening night of the season.

While he hasn’t done anything like that sense. He can’t do it anymore. However, the league does allow on court access for those with credentials.

This is a fair rule. Give the players some space to breath without a camera, or notepad in front of their face. Let them enjoy family time. Yet still honoring the leagues rules and having the credentialed media members do what they need to do.


I just hope Lavar will be quite and let his sons just play some basketball.