Is the World Cup of Hockey Worth the ‘Price?’

Photo credit: Richard Wolowicz of Getty Images (h/t

Star players could risk injury for national pride

By Rachel Mangan

This year marked the start of the third World Cup of Hockey, which starting with this year’s will occur every four years, much like the World Cup of Soccer. It’s for this reason that the World Cup of Hockey generates so much excitement: from line combinations and teams you would never see in the NHL to a cure for the “offseason blues.”

But, there are some risks that come with playing in the World Cup, the biggest one being injury. As we’ve already seen, many players had to drop out before the start of the tournament due to lingering injuries or the risk for aggravating a current injury.

One of the players I found in the tournament to be most concerning is the presence of Montreal Canadiens goalie, Carey Price. Continue reading “Is the World Cup of Hockey Worth the ‘Price?’”