Hood Sits



Can’t forget about the NBA playoffs. It fact I know I have wrongly predicted the Cleveland Cavilers would lose to Toronto.


In fact, Cleveland dominated them in a sweep.

So, coming out of game four is something pretty crazy. Rodney Hood, a guard refused to go out onto the floor during the fourth quarter of the game. This was in a garbage time situation not a close game.

Apparently, Hood isn’t fitting to well in Cleveland and has seen his playing time decrease. It hasn’t been over discipline issues, just lack of performance.

People must be up in arms over this asking for some action be taken on the part of the Cavs. Cleveland announced it isn’t doing anything about it.

Seems far to me, if he doesn’t want to play don’t make him. Its not like he’s a major player anyway.

I also like how he’s going to be a free agent this year. See if any times want his services after this


Breaking up a Dynamic Duo

By S. Samek

The Cleveland Cavilers have it set. You have an NBA championship and a finals appreances the past two years. You have Lebron James, the potential greatest player of all-time. Kyrie Irving a high-level lottery pick and dynamic player compliments James. Then they went and signed former MVP Derrick Rose. . Life looks good if you’re the Cavs.

Conversely, Irving decides he wants a trade. . He seems most interested in going to New York.

Not what you’re looking for if you want another championship.

I figure why in the world would he want to leave Cleveland.  In less you went to Golden State. There Irving would have to contend with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant as far as being the number one player on the floor. Why not just stick with being the number two guy behind Lebron.

Especially if you want to win championships. Golden State and Cleveland look to have the edge for years to come as far as having talent in place that laps the field.

Maybe adding a piece like Irving could transcend a team, but no guarantees. .

 The question is though does a team have enough assets to trade for him. This would be for a team that wants to win now. Numerous teams have been mentioned looking to acquire him.

I don’t see this trade happening in less a king’s ransom is in it for Cleveland.  Kyrie stays and contends with the Lebron and hits free agency in a couple years and can bolt then.