2018 NALCS Summer Spilt Week Four


Week four started off with Echo Fox playing CLG. Echo Fox had an early 3-2 advantage. Yet. CLG hit a grove and rolled out to score an easy win. The 23 kill effort was led by Darshan with 11 and Stixxay with six.

100 Thieves and TSM played next. 100 looked dominant in this one racking up 20 kills as a team. This win was the fifth in a row for 100.

Clutch and Golden Guardians took the stage next. This one looked close at the start and got away late. Golden Guardians took it in the end. Though I think this one may have been stalled out a bit and the match could have ended earlier.

Team Liquid and Optic were next to last to play on day one. This match was the closest of day one as it was tired up at the 10 minute mark. It was tied once more at the 27 minute mark. However a 3-0 team fight started the separation, until 39 minutes which saw the score be drawn up again. However another 4-0 team fight deep in the Optic base was enough to take the victory for team Liquid.

The final match on day one was Cloud 9 and Flyquest. Sneaky returned to the lineup from academy for Cloud 9. It was 3-2 in favor of C9 at 13 minutes, but that was about as close as it would get. Ultimately it would be C9 walking away with a 12-5 victory. Sneaky had a kill and death with nine assists. However Zeyzal used Pike to cause havoc with five kills.

Day two started with Golden Guardians taking on 100 Thieves. A fast start saw GG take first blood just a minute into the game. This was the first of 26 kills the Guardians racked up on the game, led by Mickey and his eight with Zoe. The win ended 100s five game winning streak. It also made Guardian’s history, as the first time they ever went 2-0 in a weekend of a split sense becoming a franchise.

TSM took on Echo Fox next. TSM had a kill advantage to start the match, but Echo Fox led in gold. The Echo Fox scored a couple more kills to take a lead in that stat and snowball a lead. Echo Fox then took the base out with ease for the victory. Dardoch shines once again for Echo Fox with a team high five kills.

Flyquest and Team Liquid competed next. Flyquest took the first 10 kills before Doublelift ended the perfect game attempt at 17:24. Another six pack of kills was scored before the match ended with a crushing win for Flyquest.

CLG and C9 played next. This match was an absolute battle. Clutch gaming held the lead for most of it, yet C9 would keep doing whatever it took to stay in the match. An elder dragon and baron at 45 minutes into the game gave CLG the firepower to end this game with a victory. Stixxay had 10 kills to finish off a strong weekend for CLG. Sneaky went 4/3/9 in his second game back from academy. It’s a start, yet I think C9 needs to see more from him if they want to make a run for the playoffs.

The final match of the week was Clutch and Optic. This one was boring and long. That is until the end of the match in which Clutch won a base race to take the win.

Looks like the race for playoffs starts now with a lot of teams close in the standings. Keep watching to see what goes down.




Top Five Football Movies

By S. Samek

With football season starting I think it is time for a top five list related to it. Like the top five baseball movies I did before it, I’m taking a look at my top five football movies.

5. The Little Giants. Probably one of the first football movies I ever saw. I view this one a good bit, because it’s so fun. Good movie to just go back and watch the kids play for the love of the game that often gets lost in this win now mentality of the sport.

4. Remember the Titans. This one is simply a classic and worth watching every time it’s on TV. It’s a great drama with a lot of good football action.

3. Gridiron Gang. This one is a good blend of drama and humor. Not to mention inspiring. I mean who wouldn’t want to join up on a football team coached by the Rock.

2. The Water Boy. This one is just really funny. Its quotable as heck too. I mean who hasn’t compared water to Gatorade, or wondered why alligators are super aggressive. I like this one a bit more than the Longest Yard, though it earns an honorable mention. It’s just a good movie to show the fun side of football.

1. Friday Night Lights. I love this story of a football obsessed Texas town. It had some humor, heart break and sports drama. It’s simply the whole ten yards in one movie. Ranked Number ten in the list of best football movies by Fandango.