El Paso Embraces the Chihuahuas

 Unique minor league baseball team name loved by locals

Photo credit: Yahoo Sports

By St. Samek

In 2013 the San Diego Padres packed up their Triple-A team and moved them to El Paso. Fans would get the opportunity to name the team from a list including the Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Chihuahuas, Desert Gators and Sun Dogs.

The winner was the intimidating three- to seven-pound Chihuahuas. The name got mixed reviews and a petition started on the internet to change the name. The petition gained more than 10,000 signatures.

Yet El Paso general manager Brad Taylor defended the name choice to MiLB.com (via Zack Cox of NESN.com):

“I’m sure I’m going to be hearing all sorts of views, but were standing by this. We have friends in a lot of other places, like the Iron Pigs, or the [Fort Wayne] Tin Caps, who stepped outside of their comfort zone to create a brand. That’s what we are doing here.” Continue reading “El Paso Embraces the Chihuahuas”