Post 100

By S. Samek

Hard to believe, but Hammer Down has reached 100 posts. This post has a bit more of the celebratory than the informative. Taking a look at our best posts and any of significance so far.
Starting off of course with the first post ever written. This was my post on Mitch Keller as a top Pirates prospect. It was a fun post to write and has enjoyed some success as far as being viewed. Check it out here.
Next let’s keep with milestones and hit up post 99. It’s a piece on UBA expansion into Los Vegas. It’s based off the relative success on my post talking about the league may do well with an expansion in Portland, Maine. Read them here.
Moving on let do some editor’s choice. This would be my all-star team of some of the best posts we have to offer so far.
Our first pick is a couple options on Jose Fernandez. Both were incredibly well written by two excellent classmates and writers. Give them some love here. And Here.

Next would be the most popular post by views on the blog. Talking about rank Pirates closers here. A good read worth seeing why it’s so popular.
Another favorite of mine was one from a couple weeks ago. I never thought I would cover something as wild as snail racing. Here it is though, good for a laugh, or two.
This is one I just feel really proud of. A bit disappointed it hasn’t been viewed much.  Support it there if you please.
While it has been a great run it would not have been possible without a lot of people. A lot of great classmates of mine contributed to the foundation of this blog. It would be missing a lot if it wasn’t for them. So many thanks to them, they know who they are.
I also want to than the fans and followers. It’s always so rewording to know someone appreciates the time and effort spent on these posts. Thank you fans.
What’s next you ask? Well here’s to another 100 posts I hope. I really was surprised to get this far. It almost was a done for blog in December. Though I made it through a tough couple of months and have done a decent job so far.

I’m happy with the consistent up-ward direction of the blog. Looking to keep it that way and keep expanding best I can. Thanks again to all for your continued support.


Snail Racing World Championship

Odd event names champion

By  S. Samek

Speed matters. From the fastest cars to the fastest athletes. People want information sent to them as fast as possible. We have rush delivery for those that can’t wait for items from online stores.

Animals are the same way. We celebrate the fastest horse, or greyhound. Cheetahs are known for their speed trait. The fastest animals survive and the slow are mocked

Though this next event is very much in the spirit of the old tale the Tortoise and the Hare. With both a bit of the tortoise and hare inside them. The nation where the event takes place is England. The animal competing is the is the sail. It’s the world championships of snail racing.

This has apparently been going on for at least 9 years. There is archived result from this event dating back to 2008.    Though according to this post, it has been going on for 50 years.

For the contest, the snails go around an oval track about 13 inches long. Crossing the finish line first was Larry in a speedy two minutes and 47 seconds. In case you’re wondering the that’s 47 seconds behind the all-time record for sails set in 1996 by Archie. Now that is some speed.

View Larry’s slug to victory here.  The trophy is looks like a watering can filled with lettuce. Larry is a world champion and should enjoy the trophy. Look for the movie in 2025. Conversely you could just watch Turbo. Either way plenty of ways to get your fix for slow and slow winning the race.