Pick Them Week 14


Through week 14 13-3 week 13 and 123-66.

Saints @ Falcons

Colts @ Bills

Cowboys @ Giants

Lions @ Buccaneers

Raiders @ Chiefs

49ers @ Texans

Packers @ Browns

Bears @ Bengals

Vikings @ Panthers

Redskins @ Chargers

Jets @ Broncos

Titans @ Cardinals

Eagles @ Rams

Seahawks @ Jaguars

Ravens @ Steelers

Patriots @ Dolphins







Rebels Rebelling


A we move toward Christmas; college football bowl season is upon us. However, one team will not be joining in the party. The Mississippi Rebels.

The Rebels were placed under investigation and had a head coach resign prior to the start of the year. The university then gave itself a one-year ban from playing in a bowl game.
However, the NCAA is extending that penalty an extra year and imposing additional punishments. The Rebels will lose scholarships, be fined almost 200,000 and be on four years of probation. Though the bowl ban is only this year and an extra one not two years plus the self-imposed year.

The Rebels went 6-6 this season with an interim coach.
These seem to be pretty fair punishments. I mean one of the charges is academic fraud and paying off potential recruits. Pretty serious stuff.

It maybe competitive Sec football, but this is ridiculous. Good too see them earn a fair punishment.


Pick Them Week 13


112-63 through week 12 after going 12-4 during that week.

Redskins @ Cowboys

Vikings @ Falcons

Texans @ Titans

Chiefs @ Jets

Broncos @ Dolphins

Colts @ Jaguars

Buccaneers @ Packers

Lions @ Ravens

Patriots @ Bills

49ers @ Bears

Browns @ Chargers

Giants @ Raiders

Panthers @ Saints

Rams @ Cardinals

Eagles@ Seahawks

Steelers @ Bengals

Week 12 Pick Them


7-7 98-59

Vikings @ Lions

Chargers @ Cowboys

Giants @ Redskins

Titans @ Colts

Bears @Eagles

Panthers @ Jets

Dolphins @ Patriots

Buccaneers @ Falcons

Browns @Bengals

Bills @ Chiefs

Seahawks @ 49ers

Saints @ Rams

Jaguars @ Cardinals

Broncos @ Raiders

Packers @ Steelers

Texans @ Ravens.






Pick Them week 11

S. Samek

10-3 for week 10.  91-52 overall.

Week 11

Titans @ Steelers

Lions @ Bears

Jaguars @ Browns

Ravens @ Packers

Cardinals @ Texans

Buccaneers @ Dolphins

Rams @ Vikings

Chiefs @ Giants

Redskins @Saints

Bills @ Chargers

Bengals @ Broncos

Patriots @ Raiders
Eagles @ Cowboys

Falcons @ Seahawks.