Pick Theme Week 6


9-5- Week 5  44-31 Overall.

Eagles @ Panthers

Bears @ Ravens

Browns @ Texans

Packers @Vikings

Lions @ Saints

Dolphins @ Falcons

Patriots @ Jets

49ers @ Redskins

Buccaneers @ Cardinals

Rams @ Jaguars

Steelers @ Chiefs

Chargers @ Raiders

Giants @ Broncos

Colts @ Titans




Week 5 Pick Them

S. Samek

Went 9-7 last week to  put the previous week back in place. Still over .500 at 35-26.

Patriots @ Buccaneers

Jets @ Browns

Panthers @ Lions

49ers @ Colts

Titans @ Dolphins

Bills @ Bengals

Chargers @ Giants

Jaguars @ Steelers

Cardinals @ Eagles

Seahawks @ Rams

Ravens @ Raiders

Packers @ Cowboys

Chiefs @ Texans

Vikings @ Bears



Ray Lewis Statue


The NFL had an interesting weekend to say the least. It doesn’t seem like the news of the national anthem kneeling’s is going away anytime soon.
Amongst the kneelers was ex-player Ray Lewis, who took the field to kneel with Ravens teammates. This being the first such case of ex-players doing so.

As a result of this an online petition has been started to take out a statue of Lewis from Raven Stadium. The petition has over 39,000 signatures as of September 27,2017 afternoon. This is from people not liking him taking the knee.

Though it’s funny how over a month ago Lewis was telling Colin Kaepernick to stay away from the social activism.

I would stand with the petitioners. Not because of the kneeling, or stance on social activism though.

It’s because Lewis should be in jail. Lewis did have double murder charges dropped.

Then he was allowed back to the NFL and played a total of 13 years with Baltimore. So if you want to glorify Lewis for being involved with criminal activity go ahead and leave the statue up.

If your just doing this in response to the kneeling, which they have every right to do no matter what you think of it then no, it’s outrageous.


Top Five Football Movies

By S. Samek

With football season starting I think it is time for a top five list related to it. Like the top five baseball movies I did before it, I’m taking a look at my top five football movies.

5. The Little Giants. Probably one of the first football movies I ever saw. I view this one a good bit, because it’s so fun. Good movie to just go back and watch the kids play for the love of the game that often gets lost in this win now mentality of the sport.

4. Remember the Titans. This one is simply a classic and worth watching every time it’s on TV. It’s a great drama with a lot of good football action.

3. Gridiron Gang. This one is a good blend of drama and humor. Not to mention inspiring. I mean who wouldn’t want to join up on a football team coached by the Rock.

2. The Water Boy. This one is just really funny. Its quotable as heck too. I mean who hasn’t compared water to Gatorade, or wondered why alligators are super aggressive. I like this one a bit more than the Longest Yard, though it earns an honorable mention. It’s just a good movie to show the fun side of football.

1. Friday Night Lights. I love this story of a football obsessed Texas town. It had some humor, heart break and sports drama. It’s simply the whole ten yards in one movie. Ranked Number ten in the list of best football movies by Fandango.


Pick Them Week 2

S. Samek

Went 9-4 last week ,which is a good start. Let’s see how well this week goes.

Texans @ Bengals
Bills @ Panthers
Bears @ Buccaneers
Vikings @ Steelers
Cardinals @ Colts
Patriots @ Saints
Eagles @ Chiefs
Jets @ Raiders
Cowboys @ Broncos
Redskins @ Rams
Lions @ Giants
Browns @ Ravens
Titans @ Jaguars
Dolphins @ Chargers
49ers @ Seahawks
Packers @ Falcons


Pick Them

S. Samek

Introducing Pick them to Hammer Down. Yep weekly NFL winners being chosen to see how well I do. You can play along at home to see if you can out pick Hammer Down. New Picks will come up on Thursdays and cover the Thursday night through Monday night games. NFL only for now. Best of luck and here are my week one selections. Note the bold options are my picks.

Jets @ Bills.
Eagles @ Redskins
Raiders @ Titans
Jaguars @Texans
Cardinals @ Lions
Steelers @ Browns
Falcons @ Bears
Ravens @ Bengals
Colts @ Rams
Panthers @ 49ers
Seahawks @ Packers
Giants @ Cowboys
Saints @ Vikings