Texas Rattlers


Today we discuss relocation. Yet in a sport that I didn’t think was coming.
Major League Lacrosse has announced that the former Rochester Rattlers are moving to Frisco, Texas to become the Dallas Rattlers.


Its an interesting move to say the least. It extends the geographic footprint of the league a bit. This should make travel a bit more difficult for teams as Dallas is the only team in the central time zone against a mostly eastern standard time focused league.


It is also interesting to see if this could be the return of west coast lacrosse. The MLL formally had posts in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Team up a couple California, or other Texas entrants with together with league man stay Denver and you may have something here.

The only question is how big of a market is Lacrosse down in Texas. Seems to me like when compared to New York, or other eastern coast states it isn’t as sought after in Texas.

The Rattlers also have plenty of competition for revenue in their new home. Six other franchises call the Frisco area friendly confines.

Yet it gives the Rattlers a chance to play in a state of the art facility. They will play in the Ford Center, home of the Dallas Cowboys complexes. The same place that hosted the 2017 MLL championship game.

While the move is interesting I do think one positive came out of it. The new logo. It gets a much fiercer and modern look against the old logo. The silver, navy blue and orange is a great color scheme and a lot better than the brown orange of before.


Good luck to the newly rebranded Dallas Rattlers.



Ball Family Strikes Again.


The Ball family strikes again. Not for reasons in a positive light either.


The big announcement is that Liangelo Ball has been pulled out of UCLA. Liangelo hasn’t played in any games for the Bruins this year. He will look to transfer. This comes after an incident in which Liangelo was suspended indefinitely for shoplifting during a team trip to China.


I guess it makes sense to me to explore other options if you’re not going to play. Yet it was his own fault for shoplifting as to why he got suspended.

Yet Lavar Ball will let his youngest son Lamelo commit to UCLA just like Lonzo Ball did.

The Los Angeles Lakers announced a rule that plan to enforce. This is that no media member may congregate outside of the section designated for family members and associates of players.

The rule has been dubbed the Lavar Ball rule after the infamous father did an on -court interview on opening night of the season.

While he hasn’t done anything like that sense. He can’t do it anymore. However, the league does allow on court access for those with credentials.

This is a fair rule. Give the players some space to breath without a camera, or notepad in front of their face. Let them enjoy family time. Yet still honoring the leagues rules and having the credentialed media members do what they need to do.


I just hope Lavar will be quite and let his sons just play some basketball.





Rebels Rebelling


A we move toward Christmas; college football bowl season is upon us. However, one team will not be joining in the party. The Mississippi Rebels.

The Rebels were placed under investigation and had a head coach resign prior to the start of the year. The university then gave itself a one-year ban from playing in a bowl game.
However, the NCAA is extending that penalty an extra year and imposing additional punishments. The Rebels will lose scholarships, be fined almost 200,000 and be on four years of probation. Though the bowl ban is only this year and an extra one not two years plus the self-imposed year.

The Rebels went 6-6 this season with an interim coach.
These seem to be pretty fair punishments. I mean one of the charges is academic fraud and paying off potential recruits. Pretty serious stuff.

It maybe competitive Sec football, but this is ridiculous. Good too see them earn a fair punishment.


Top 10 Bird Logos


Tis the season for turkeys and turkey bowl games. How better to celebrate than taking a look at the best related logos in sports to turkeys: Birds. Even though Pittsburgh Dad denies the intimidating power of the bird mascot.

10. Toledo Mud Hens.

9. Orleans Firebirds.

8.Idaho Falls Chuckers.

7. Lancaster Jet Hawks.

6. Great Lakes Loons.

5. Aberdeen Iron birds.

4. Tucson Roadrunners.

3.Bakersfield Condors.

2. Rochester Honkers.

1. Anaheim Ducks/Mighty Ducks.



Sports Collections

Throwback to some of the coolest sports merchandise.


When I was a kid not only did I watch sports, I would collect them. Yes, I collected the standard baseball cards, but a couple other things too.

The first of which are the baseball helmets from Dairy queen. The ones that you could get when you ordered a sundae. It even had a display with each of the divisions, so you could keep the standings.

I have eight of them including a Montreal Expos one. They are still available, but maybe a bit forgotten about.

No doubt one of the most popular stadium giveaways of all time is the bobble head. A while back Post brand cereals took advantage of this by offering mini bobble heads of current MLB stars.

I remember always begging for the Oreo o’s or the like just so I could collect them. Even though most often the cereal became neglected after two, or three bowls and was left to become stale. Didn’t matter to me, I collected seven MLB stars, with a couple of them becoming hall of famers.

The final novelty I remember collecting is the mini team mugs. One could be had for .50 out of the toy machines at Walmart, or the grocery store. Yet again I ended up with seven from both the NFL and MLB.

They have come in handy too. I keep them on my baseball bat shaped shelf with a lot of my collectables and trophies. Actually, all the collectables mentioned in this post make their home on that shelf. Then I take my collection of baseballs and sit them on top of the mugs. Making for a pretty neat holder.

Note I didn’t and don’t collect these for the value. They aren’t worth much even several years after release. It was just a fun way to have merchandise from different teams.




Top 10 Halloween Logos



No stranger to taking a look at different logos. This particular one inspiring this post. In the spirit of the Halloween season I’m taking a look into some of the best scary and creepy logos in sports.


10. San Francisco Demons.


9. Missouri Monsters.


8.New Jersey Devils.


7. Louisville Bats.


6. Topeka Tarantulas.


5. Texas Terror.


4. New Orleans Voodoo.


3. London Rippers.


2. Lehigh Valley Phantoms.


1. Casper Ghosts.




Top 10 Orange Logos


For St. Patrick’s Day I took a look at some of the best green colored logos in sports.  So, I took a little inspiration and for Halloween taking a look at the best logos in the primary color for the holiday, Orange.


10. San Francisco Giants.


9. Chicago Bears.


8. Baltimore Orioles.


7. New York Knicks.


6. Cleveland Browns.


5.Long Island Ducks.


4.Cincinati Bengals.


3. Rochester Rattlers.


2. Syracuse Orange.


1.Atlanta Thrashers.