MILB Mt.Rushmore


So, pardon my Take did a Mt. Rushmore of minor league baseball names. I think they did a pretty good job, yet missed with quit a few picks.

I present my top four picks for overall best name. Note I’m not using temporary names used for promotions like a lot of the comments are. Most of these can also be seen in my series of best logo posts. I guess mark this as the unofficial best logo in minor league baseball post then.

1. Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Yep this team has to be on the list. My top-ranking hat that I own and the top ranked logo team in my Southern League post puts the in a position of dominance in my personal rankings. Plus, its just a super fun name.
2. Richmond Flying Squirrels. This is a team left on the pardon my take list. However, after capturing the top spot in my Eastern League logos it needs to be on the list.
3. El Paso Chihuahuas. You know just how much I love this team name. It’s one of the few names to have a post dedicated to it solely. Despite a third-place finish in the PCL logo rankings its still own of the best names in the entire minor leagues.
4. Carolina Mudcats. This is a team I really want a hat for. They also play in the awesome town of Zebulon. I feel like I would be missing something by not having them on the list. So the top Carolina League logo gets the nod as one of the best in minor league baseball.


No Hitter Loss


This has to be one of the most insane things ever. Turns out a team won a game with out recording a hit or a walk.
The Clearwater Threshers used an error and a fielder’s choice, to score a run. Yet the way the did it came from how they got a baserunner on in the first place.
New extra inning rules gave them a free runner at second to start the inning. They were then able to get that runner home despite not recording a hit. Tampa then failed to score a run after giving one up and lost.
The game goes into the books as a no-hitter, but not a perfect game. It also goes into the books as an unlikely loss.
I must admit when I first saw this happened I chuckled. Yet now I just think what a terrible loss. It must feel so cheap to lose in such a fashion.
Yes, Tampa could have scored their runner from second in the bottom half of the inning, but they didn’t. It may be part of the game, but it just feels cheap, even if both teams had the same opportunity.
I don’t like the free runner on base to start extra inning games in the minors. I think this is one of the cases that shows how bad of a rule it is. An awesome accomplishment like a no hitter equals a loss because of a silly rule. That shouldn’t happen.


Pirates and Diamondbacks Bean balls 2018



It’s just funny begin a Pittsburgh Pirate’s fan.

Just when you think your team isn’t bad, they go on a slide and prove that thought wrong.

In the middle of this chaos was blowing a five run led to Arizona in humorous fashion.

Of course when the Pirates and Diamondbacks square off it included someone getting hit by a pitch. You all know of the Andrew McCutchen and Paul Goldschmidt beanings that started all this mess.

Now it escalated after Josh Harrison took a pitch and left the game. Joe Musgrove the Pirates starter then hit Chris Owings in retaliation, intentionally.

Yes protect your teammate, but then move on and focus on the game.

Yet it didn’t happen, Sean Rodriguez was hit in the ninth inning.

The umpires just let them play on all of these beanballs. Which is fine, handle it how you want it is the umpires game.

I just want to see an end to this. Its school yard crap. If you hit someone by accident ok, take first and move on. Don’t try to pitch way inside and hit someone so they get hurt.

If you must protect a teammate fine as well. Hit one batter and move on. It needs to go no further than that. Having these beanball wars that go on series after series is stupid.

These beanballs don’t accomplish much anyway. Why do people think giving up a free walk at the expense of honor helps? You get no separate stat for honor beanings, it’s one more hit by pitch for you and the hitter. The hitter makes out better than you do.

I just think the beanings need to stop for any reason. Hit the ball and score some runs that way if you want to be old school. Ban the DH and the save if you really want to go old school.


Pacific Coast League Logo Rankings

S. Samek

16.Tacoma Rainers
15.Iowa Cubs
14.Salt Lake Bees
13.Nashville Sounds
12.Reno Aces
11.Oklahoma City Dodgers
10.Colorado Springs Sky Sox
9.Sacramento River Cats
8.Fresno Grizzles
7.New Orleans Baby Cakes
6.Memphis Redbirds
5.Round Rock Express
4.Los Vegas 51’s
3.El Paso Chihuahuas
2.Omaha Storm Chasers
1.Albuquerque Isotopes


International League Logo Ranks

S. Samek

14.Charlotte Knights
13.Columbus Clippers
12.Syracuse Chiefs
11.Indianapolis Indians
10.Buffalo Bison
9.Durham Bulls
8.Louisville Bats
7.Pawtucket Redsox
6.Rochester Redwings
5.Scranton/Wilks-Barre Railriders
4.Gwinnett Stripers
3.Lehigh Valley Ironpigs
2. Toledo Mudhens
1.Norfolk Tides